Your Love & Sex Horoscopes: October 2021

October 14, 2021
Love + Sex

Your Love & Sex Horoscopes: October 2021

October 14, 2021

As we move into October, we will be dancing within Libra season—the time of the year when we collectively focus on our relationships.However, with a Mercury Retrograde phase taking place until October 18, we will be reviewing how we’ve been building our partnerships and if we need to make any necessary changes. People and situations from the past may emerge once again, but it is best to use this time to find a way to reignite the connection or else to go your separate ways. Find out what the month has in store for you!

Love & Sex Prospects for ARIES

October will be an especially significant month in regards to your relationships, Aries.With the Sun, Mars, and Mercury in your sector of partnerships, there will be a huge focus around where you stand as a unit. However, with Mercury in a retrograde phase until the 18th, you could find that there is miscommunication between you and your S.O. While the New Moon on October 6could open the doorway to make long-term plans together, it would be best to wait until later in the month to lock things in stone. You’ll clearly be energized to grow closer in commitment but you’ll want to make sure that you’re on the same page. Single Aries can use this energy to set up meetings with prospective suitors who have serious partner potential—just don’t commit until after Mercury awakens. Also, Venus will glide through your sector of intimacy and sexuality until the 7th, so use the first week of the month to turn up the heat in the bedroom! Last to note will be the arrival of a FullMoon in your zodiac sign on October 20—putting you into the spotlight. Show the world your power and don’t settle for less than you deserve.

Love & Sex Prospects for TAURUS

The wheel of life is turning and bringing even more focus to your relationships, Taurus. Your planetary ruler, Venus, will beckon you from across the sky as she dances through your sector of relationships until October 7. This will encourage you to get intimate and close with your S.O. or to set up meetings with prospective suitors if single.However, don’t make any promises of commitment whatsoever until MercuryRetrograde ends on October 18. While you’re likely to be especially busy at work all month—a milestone one for your career—the Sun and Mars will soon power up your sector of relationships toward the end of the month. With the Sun entering here on the 23rd and Mars shortly thereafter on the 30th, you’ll begin a major new trend around commitment. Tauruses in existing unions could move in, get engaged, or be wed, while single ones will realize it might be time to find someone who wants forever at their side.

Love & Sex Prospects for GEMINI

October will ignite your heart,Gemini! With so many planets heating up your sector of passion, romance, and fertility all month, you’re sure to feel that this is a top priority! However, be especially cautious, as there will be miscommunication and confusion around all of these areas throughout October—especially until the 18th—becauseMercury will be retrograde. With your planetary ruler out of sync, you will feel as if everything in your life is on hold and you can’t think straight! The best advice is to go with the flow, don’t make decisions, and wait until you have better footing beneath you at the end of the month. A New Moon in your true love sector arrives on the 6th, opening a doorway to your heart. This is the most important lunation of the year for you to find someone new if single or rekindle the spark with your partner if taken. If ready to mingle, set up dates with many new people around this time. However, due to the retrograde, you could hear from an ex or old flame during this period, but don’t let toxic drama back in. Sweet Venus dances into your partnership sector on the 7th for the rest of the month, bringing even more happiness to your relationships. Last to mention will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your social circle on October 20, which will likely attract a flurry of invitations your way. You will likely attend a lovely event and feel quite popular. This is also an auspicious moment to try your hand at online dating! Go for it!

Love & Sex Prospects for CANCER

Buckle up, Cancer. October has some exciting news for your romantic life! With sweet Venus dancing through your passion and fertility sector until the 7th, you’ll find more pleasure and beauty enter your life. Single Cancers should use this energy to circulate or line up dates with many prospective suitors. Committed Cancers can use this energy to bring the spice back into their rapport or even try with greater luck toward pregnancy. However, beware of confusion that will likely consume your domestic life, as Mercury will retrograde in this sector of home and family until the 18th. This may even regard situations where some Cancers have been looking to move in with their partner or those already doing so find difficulties around their living situation. Also, with many planets in your sector of relationships and intimacy awakening by mid-month, too, you’ll surely feel much closer in the months ahead. Last to note will be the arrival of the Sun on the 23rd followed by Mars on the 30th into your passion and fertility sector, as well. In the weeks ahead, you’ll have an excellent opportunity to enjoy a healthier romantic life, super hot sex, or just more memorable time together. For single Cancers, this is one of the best periods within two years to find a soulmate connection!

Love & Sex Prospects for LEO

Travel will continue to be a big theme for you in October, Leo—a carryover from last month. This means that you could now decide to pack your bags and soar to nearby towns or even plan some long-distance vacations with your partner. If single, love could blossom when you step out of your routine and comfort zone. With the New Moon on the 6th and the Full Moon on the 20th heavily pushing you in these directions, it will echo within your soul. However, double and triple check all of your plans, as Mercury will be retrograde until the 18th.  Next to note will be the arrival of sweetVenus to your sector of true love on the 7th to remain for the entire month. This is auspicious for single Leos looking to find someone new, so refresh your look, make sure you’re feeling sexy, and then line up dates with many prospective suitors. Committed Leos will certainly enjoy more pleasure and happiness with their partner and children. Last to mention will be that Saturn and Jupiter across the sky in your sector of partnerships will awaken this month too. In recent months, you’ve been reviewing your connections. Happier times lie ahead now that these powerhouse planets have changed direction. By the end of the year, many Leos will have grown closer with a soulmate—perhaps even moving in, gotten engaged, or become married.

Love & Sex Prospects for VIRGO

Tread lightly in October, Virgo.With your planetary ruler, Mercury, in a retrograde phase until the 18th, you will feel as if your entire life is on hold! This particular period will focus you extensively on your personal worth and how you focus on self-love.Evaluate the lessons that the Universe is teaching you at this time. Next to note is that powerhouse Pluto, having spun within your sector of passion and romance since 2008, will awaken on the 6th, showing that in the months to come, you have a great ability to transform your love life radically.You may have done a great deal of soul searching and realize you need to burn down negative patterns in order to bring healthier love in. Sweet Venus will sing within your domestic sector from the 7th onward, ensuring that love will blossom at home. If single, have a charming dinner party and invite friends and prospective suitors, or if committed, set up a dazzling candlelit moment with your S.O. Last to mention this month will be the arrival of theFull Moon in your intimacy sector on the 20th. You will be deeply focused on the give-and-take within your relationship and if your needs are being met. Some Virgos could utilize this to turn up the heat in their sex life, while those who are unfulfilled will decide to go their separate ways.

Love & Sex Prospects for LIBRA

It’s birthday season and you’re the main event, Libra—just how you like it! With so much planetary energy within your zodiac sign—the Sun, Mars, and Mercury—you have the power that all the other zodiac signs envy! Use this energy all month to take the lead in your relationships and to transform your romantic life in the way that you desire. Single Libras have an excellent chance of meeting someone new or igniting their sex life! Committed Libras can share in this vibration by getting frisky with their S.O. A New Moon in your zodiac sign arrives on the 6th, opening a doorway for you to take action to build the life you’ve always wanted. However, there will still likely be delays, miscommunication, and confusion this month—at least until the 18th—because Mercury is back pedaling in your zodiac sign due to a retrograde phase. Next to mention is that Saturn and Jupiter—extremely powerful planets—will awaken this month too in your sector of passion, dating, and fertility. You will have more luck in these matters from now until the end of the year. Last to note will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your partnership zone, which arrives on October 20. Some Libras may decide it’s time to make long-term plans, move in, get engaged, or be wed.However, if in an unhappy rapport, you’ll now decide it's time to set each other free.

Love & Sex Prospects for SCORPIO

October promises sizzling news for all Scorpios! With sweet Venus in your zodiac sign until the 7th, you will radiate magnetically even more than you do normally! This is an especially important time to update your look, get some new clothes, and freshen up your hair. Venus is the planet of attraction and beauty, so you’ll love this time significantly! However, you may be dealing with situations around the past, exes, or closure, with a Mercury Retrograde phase occurring in your sector of hidden matters throughout most of the month. Don’t let toxic love back in, but if you’d like to reach out to someone and catch up, do so now but in your highest vibe. Excitingly, birthday season arrives as soon as the Sun steps into your zodiac sign on the 23rd, getting you ready to celebrate for the entire month ahead! Also, with your co-ruler, Mars, joining you from the 30th onward for many weeks, you’ll have unmatched charisma, sex drive, and an irresistible magnetism that no one can escape. Take the lead to create the love life of your heart’s desires, whether single or attached.

Love & Sex Prospects for SAGITTARIUS

October will show you just how popular you are, Sagittarius! With so much planetary energy packed into your social sector all month, you’re guaranteed to be attending many events, connecting with beloved friends, and meeting many new people, too! The New Moon on the 6th will bring even more invites, texts, and events your way, so enjoy yourself above all. However, with a Mercury Retrograde phase taking place until the 18th, you may find that you and a friend are not on the same page. Yet, because of this planetary cycle, you’re also likely to reconnect and hear from many people from your past, too. Another way all of this planetary energy can be utilized is by broadening your network and trying your hand at online dating, if single. Also, sweet Venus dances into your zodiac sign on the 7th to remain for the rest of the month. This is a dazzling opportunity to recharge your beauty, update your look, and be absolutely magnetic. Pleasure will fill your life.Last to mention this month will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your sector of passion and fertility that rises by nightfall on October 20. This lunation will likely help many Sagittarians to fall in love, rekindle the spark with theirS.O., or even hear news of a pregnancy!

Love & Sex Prospects for CAPRICORN

While October will bring a lot of attention to your home, family, and career, you will still have opportunities for love, Capricorn. A great deal of focus is being turned upon your success and achievements, and some Capricorns could even be stepping into a more public relationship with their partner or dating someone with power. Sweet Venus will shimmy through your social sector until the 7th, bringing you radiant popularity. Circulate amongst friends to your heart’s content during that time. If single, do your best to meet someone through your network or even try your hand at online dating! Mighty Pluto will awaken in your zodiac sign this month, too, helping you to transform your life and body in ways you’d like for the rest of the year. Last to mention is that even more energy will return to your social sector later in the month, with the Sun arriving on the 23rd and mighty Mars following right after on the 30th. Prepare for an action-packed time filled with many events, friends, and acquaintances! You’ll be popular as ever!

Love & Sex Prospects for AQUARIUS

October promises many opportunities for travel, Aquarius. This is where love will blossom for you most! With many planets and our luminaries highlighting both short-distance and long-distance vacations, you could soon be packing your bags to jet off to exciting destinations. TheNew Moon on the 6th and the Full Moon on the 20th will bring a surge of momentum to get out of town, so whether or not you’re able todo so now, at least you can begin planning for later in the year or 2022!However, triple check every single thing because Mercury, the planet of communication, will be in a retrograde phase until the 18th. SomeAquarians may even be hearing from old friends or lovers who live faraway due to this, too. Sweet Venus will dance into your social sector on the 7th for weeks to come, bringing a dazzling sparkle to you that everyone wants to be near! Date through your network or online and you’ll have a lot of good luck.Your social life will prosper now. Last to mention will be the fact that Saturn and Jupiter, now orbiting within your zodiac sign will finally awaken this month, as well. You’ll experience more progress in all ways for the rest of the year!

Love & Sex Prospects for PISCES

Intimacy will be especially important for you in October, Pisces. A great deal of planetary energy will cycle within this chamber, helping you to reevaluate your most important relationship. As Mercury retrogrades here all month until the 18th, you’ll be reviewing whether or not you’re getting all of your needs met by your S.O. The New Moon on the 6th should bring progress, so speak up and see if you can grow even closer. With Mars here all month, this guarantees that with the right person, your sex will explosive! Whether or not you’ve found them, your sex drive will still be through the roof! The last thing to note this month is that finally many planets beyond Mercury will awaken—notably Pluto, who has been orbiting within your social sector since 2008. In the months to come, you’ll have an opportunity to meet extremely powerful friends who help to transform your life in many beautiful and successful ways. Single Pisceans may even have a chance to date someone who brings a great amount of wealth, power, or opportunity to them, as well.


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