Your Love & Sex Horoscopes: August 2021

October 14, 2021
Love + Sex

Your Love & Sex Horoscopes: August 2021

October 14, 2021

August brings summer heat filled with opportunities for scintillating sex, soulmate canoodling, and possible adventures with your besties or bae. Take a peek into how the stars will dance and bring passion your way...

Love & Sex Prospects for ARIES

The Heavens are aligning for you, Aries. The month ahead will be filled with opportunities to enjoy yourself and open your heart. With the Sun and Mercury dancing in your sector of passion at the onset of the month, you’ll be obsessed with romantic thoughts. The New Moon on August 8th is the most important of the year to begin dating, find someone new, or bring the spice back to your rapport with your S.O. If you’ve been eager to pursue pregnancy matters, prepare to“get busy.” Sweet Venus will dance across the sky from you into your partnership zone beginning August 16th, too, ensuring that all of your relationships will be quite harmonious. This could even lead some newly datingAries to consider taking it from zero to one hundred! To end the month, a sparkling Full Moon in your social sector will arrive on August 22nd. You’ll behaving a blast with friends and may attend a magical event. If you’ve been looking for the right time to try your hand at online dating or meeting someone through friends, it is here!

Love & Sex Prospects for TAURUS

The stars are putting you in the mood for love,Taurus. With affectionate Venus in your passion sector until August 16th and sexy Mars here all month, you’ll be feeling the heat in your heart and in the bedroom! This is the most important period within a two-year cycle for single Tauruses to put themselves out there and date around. While September will also be quite magical, don’t be worried about kissing a few frogs now to find your next bae! Committed Tauruses don’t have to miss out on this erotic energy, as you could bring the fire back into your rapport by spending more time having fun and enjoying yourselves. Be adventurous and let the adrenaline draw you closer.While this month will once again thrust you into the professional spotlight, some Tauruses will be in the process of dating “up in the world,” perhaps with someone who is more successful, famous, or well-known than them. Get into your power couple vibes!

Love & Sex Prospects for GEMINI

Love could happen around any corner for you this month, Gemini. As the planets show you could be traveling quite a bit—perhaps for family or because you’re in the midst of a move—this could open you up to new possibilities to meet someone special! Committed Geminis don’t have to miss out on the exhilarating vibes, so if you’ve been planning a vacation, the change of pace and surroundings could bring a great deal of laughter and passion to your heart. Also, with sweet Venus entering your sector of romance and dating beginning on August 16th, you’ll begin a several-week span of time that favors your relationships significantly. Having Venus here often helps someone single meet a true love, while committed couples can enjoy more recreation and “playtime” together. Feel free to bust out the toys!

Love & Sex Prospects for CANCER

You may be feeling a bit more possessive at the onset of August, Cancer. While you sometimes like to take “ownership” of someone, it would be wise to make sure you’re not being too overbearing. However, with sweet Venus dancing in your communication zone untilAugust 16, you will have all the right words and compliments to seduce anyone that you please. Leave love notes, send cute texts, and certainly shoot out some adorable selfies (with your kitty, pup, or plant-baby)! When Venus moves into your domestic sphere from the 16th onward, you’ll find that love happens at home. Committed Cancers can get extra snuggly with their partner, even if it’s just by surprising him or her with a candlelit dinner or their favorite ice cream. To end the month, a Full Moon in your intimacy sector arrives yet again on August 22nd, turning your sex drive up to level ten! You’ll be feeling the urge to merge, but you won’t just be interested in getting off. Instead, you’ll be eager to take it nice and slow.

Love & Sex Prospects for LEO

With the Sun igniting your zodiac sign until the 22nd, you are in the spotlight more than ever, Leo. This is one of the most important times of the year to celebrate YOU. A New Moon in Leo arrives on August 8th, opening the doorway for you to assert yourself and build the love story of your dreams. Take some time to look in the mirror and assess anything you’d like to change about your appearance or style in the year ahead. Use this time for a cosmic reboot, whether it’s a sassy new haircut or a sultry new outfit. Venus will move into your communication sector beginning August 16, ensuring that you’ll have the charming words to dazzle anyone that you please. Whisper sweet nothings or surprise your crush with the most adorable puppy photos to warm their heart. However, with a Full Moon in your partnership sector arriving on August 22nd, a major turning point around your relationships will be at hand. Some Leos could decide it’s time to move in, get engaged, or tie the knot, while others could decide it’s time to go your separate ways. Yet, with Jupiter, the planet of luck, dancing across the sky from you, happiness in union is still promised for the rest of the year so someone better could be right around the corner.

Love & Sex Prospects for VIRGO

With the cosmic lovers, Venus and Mars, orbiting within your zodiac sign, you have the ability to guide your love and sex life exactly where you’d like it to go, Virgo. Venus will make your beauty unmatched, as you’re able to charm and attract people wherever you go—at least until she leaves on August 16th. In that first half of the month, it is especially important for you to update your look, change your hairstyle, or buy new wardrobe. Mighty Mars will continue to power up your zodiac sign all month, though, giving you dominance and sex appeal. This is not the time to wait and just expect people to come after you. No! It’s crucial that you take the lead, Virgo. Whether single or attached, you have more favor than any other zodiac sign. Also, with the Sun soon igniting your zodiac sign beginning on August 22nd, birthday season has arrived! This means that you’ll have even more ability to enchant others. Above all, focus on what you want and need in a relationship and go after that.

Love & Sex Prospects for LIBRA

August will leave you spellbound,Libra! At the onset of the month, a New Moon in your social sector will arrive on August 8th. This means that you’ll become especially popular, likely hearing from many friends and acquaintances. Some Libras could attend a glamorous event near this time and meet many new people. If attached, bring your S.O. out and shake it up on the town! However, if you’re single, this particular lunation favors meeting someone through your network or utilizing dating apps. Even if you’ve felt like it’s been boring before, now could bring that winning match!Your ruler, Venus, dances into your zodiac sign on August 16th for weeks ahead, bringing you even more attractive powers. Update your look, get a fresh hairstyle, or buy some new wardrobe. Use Venus’ glow as a battery to recharge your sex appeal! This is one of the most favored times of the year for pleasure and romance, so don’t let it go to waste! To end the month, a Full Moon in your sector of passion arrives on August 22nd. This lunation will make your heart burst and bloom like fireworks, as you may meet a soulmate connection, fall in love, or find that you’re growing closer than ever with your bae. If you’ve been hoping for news of a pregnancy, your stars may now align.

Love & Sex Prospects for SCORPIO

With Venus and Mars bringing so much cosmic activity to your social sector, you’re everyone’s top choice to see at the moment, Scorpio. You will likely hear from many friends and acquaintances, as no one can get enough of you! This month bodes well for both single and attached Scorpios, as you can meet a soulmate connection through online dating, your network, or head out on the town with your bae and grow closer than ever before. Electric Uranus in your partnership sector will begin a retrograde phase on August 19th, likely helping you in the months ahead to review your relationship patterns and the give-and-take you require. You’ve likely begun to be attracted to very different or eccentric partners in recent years if single, or have noticed your S.O. has been requiring more freedom. In the months ahead, you’ll be able to reflect on what has taken place and where you’d like to go.

Love & Sex Prospects for SAGITTARIUS

With so much focus on your professional life this month, you’re going to have to work hard at balancing an active love life, Sagittarius! However, with sweet Venus bringing you a cosmic “glow up” in your career until August 16th, you may be in the process of meeting rich, powerful, or popular prospective suitors if you’re on the hunt for a partner. You could have luck “dating up” in the world if you shoot your shot in those earlier weeks of the month. However, from August 16th onward and even more so after August 30th, the planets will begin to journey into your social sector. This ensures that you’ll start a new trend that focuses greatly on catching up with friends, meeting new people, and attending events. If committed, this would be an excellent time togo on double dates, host a party, or organize something memorable for the crew. For the single Sagittarians, the cosmic energy says you’ll meet someone through your network—perhaps even an acquaintance you’ve previously been curious about—or align with some hot options through online matchmakers or dating apps.

Love & Sex Prospects CAPRICORN

When it comes to your stars this month, you’re screaming: “more, more, more!” At the onset of August, the Sun will be firing up your sexual desires and giving you rapture. A New Moon in your intimacy zone arrives on August 8th, putting a spotlight on the give-and-take in your most important romantic relationship. You could use this energy to assess where you stand and if your needs are truly being met: emotionally, sexually, intellectually, and financially. If not, some Capricorns may decide it’s actually time for them to soar in a new direction. With Mercury, Venus, and Mars in a fellow Earth sign all month, you will have more sex appeal and dominance in laying down the law. However, with Uranus orbiting in your dating and passion zone turning retrograde on August 19th, you may soon hear from an ex, old fling, or “the one who got away.” If you’ve gone in different directions and considered reaching out to see if you both still carry a torch for one another, use the months ahead to strategically reopen that door.

Love & Sex Prospects for AQUARIUS

Intimacy and your relationships are a top priority for you in August, Aquarius. At the onset of the month, the mighty Sun will be standing across the sky from you, bringing his illumination to where you truly stand in your romantic union. A New Moon in this zone arrives on August 8th and will open a doorway for you to make long-term plans together, move in, get engaged, or even be wed. However, if you are not feeling that all your needs are being met and the give-and-take you require isn’t happening, this could be the month you soar solo like a bird set free. A Full Moon in your zodiac sign arrives on August 22nd, firing you up to stand in your power and make demands about what you want. With so much planetary energy in your favor, especially Jupiter, the planet of luck, you’re likely to feel happier no matter how you decide to proceed.

Love & Sex Prospects for PISCES

With both Venus and Mars dancing across the sky from you this month, you’ll have a huge opportunity to grow closer with your S.O. or find a twin flame connection, Pisces. Venus, the planet of harmony, will bring pleasure to your relationships until August 16th, while powerhouse Mars will turn up the heat the entire month. This is an auspicious period to make long-term plans or work as a team. If you still haven’t found your perfect match, you must be intentional about the kind of person that will truly stand by your side and take the lead to be upfront about what you’re looking for. The stars aren’t shining for just casual hook-ups, they’re shimmering for something serious! If someone is just tugging your chain, it’s time to set them free and look elsewhere for another suitor who will truly commit to you. Venus will shower you in sensuality and intimacy in the last third of the month, so it’s time to be clear about being close, vulnerable, and honest.


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Kyle Thomas is a globally recognized pop culture astrologer who has been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine, Bustle, Elite Daily, House Beautiful, MarieClaire, YahooNews, MSN, and more. He is known for his cosmic guidance for celebrities, business executives, and prominent influencers.

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