Your January New Moon Horoscope

October 13, 2021

Your January New Moon Horoscope

October 13, 2021

Welcome to the first moon of 2021. Are you still breathing? As long as your head is above water, you should be proud of yourself. On January 13th, at 12:01 AM EST, the moon will conjunct the sun in the zodiac sign Capricorn. This new moon will bring with it a burst of soul-filled expressions and barriers to overcome. Being regarded as a traditionally feminine sign, this Capricorn New Moon will teach us the power of inaction.

Capricorn is constantly on the search to understand the world around them, which is why they occasionally need breaks. Remember, as long as you’re making it through 2021, there’s no reason to put your dreams on the back burner. You better werq, betch.


You’re focused on your bag, Aries. Can’t nobody be mad at that. Don’t go ahead spending money you ain’t got though. Yes, have a plan and know that sometimes plans go awry. Keep multiple streams of income and watch your long term goals begin to materialize. One step at a time. Don’t think too far ahead, babe.


Taurus, it’s good that you’re starting to buckle down and self-educate. What are you reading right now? If you haven’t already picked up a new book, now is the ideal time to check out your favorite local bookstore. The knowledge you accumulate now will pay off for your communities. This moon is calling on your growth.


Take time for reflection and introspection, Gemini. Your willingness to showcase growing compassion and vulnerability will be challenged by this new moon. It may take you down a path of frustration, it’ll pay off for you in the end if you show a little empathy. Maintain an open mind but don’t let people beguile you.


Woah Cancer, your ruler the Moon making a conjunction to the sun spells out emotional developments within your relationships. Continue to be gentle with others and yourself. Sometimes you might not realize how surreptitious your acts of loving are. Be open to loving out loud. It’ll make a world of a difference.


You might not be getting all the sunshine you would like, try not to let it get to you. Yes winter is cold but your day-to-day life is being illuminated by the Capricorn new moon. Let your emotions flow out and do not hesitate to take time for seclusion. The beginning of 2021 is providing you space to get yourself in order, take as much space as you need.


The Capricorn new moon for many of you means developing a deeper relationship with your creative process. Many of you can be victim to heavy scrutiny and it can stifle your fun. Try throwing your arms in the air and letting go of the expectation that you have to conform to a specific style. You got this far Virgo, it’s time for you to watch yourself soar.


This new moon could spell out maturity for you. Revisit old familial traditions, messages, and stories. You may be surprised how reminiscing over old memories and joyful moments can transform your mood. Keep your spirits high Libra, and be open to sage advice from well-meaning family members.


No need to rush into projects. You should create as you feel called to. Emphasis on creating when you feel called to. This new moon will help you speak your truth, eventually leading you towards your happily ever after.


This new moon might be the gentle nudge you need to start saving. This is not to suggest there is anything in particular you should be concerned about; the stars suggest this could be a prosperous time if you can settle within a community. Don’t feel pressured to be a giving tree, hold back as needed.


Look around, Capricorn. Are you satisfied with where you are? If your basic needs are being met right now, you’re on the path to discovery. Refrain from being prodigal with your finances, you may feel especially charitable given your circumstances. The new moon suggests you should invest in yourself first!


You may need to placate your inner feelings. Turning to your dreams can help with that process. Spirituality doesn’t have to make sense, but it can be beneficial to put words that speak to your obscure existence. You may not need to open up about your feelings on this new moon. Expect for transformation to occur within your dreams.


You have a substantial amount of work ahead of you, Pisces. Your hard work and determination can get you anywhere, right now it has placed many of you in positions of public servitude. Be open to the process of being wrong, for being wrong can result in a lot of necessary growth. Speak your mind and let the dominoes fall where they may. The new moon will help you build your confidence.  


Astrologer Six

Six is an Inclusive Astrologer, Intimacy Caregiver, Human Sexuality Ph.D. dropout and all around Sagittarius. Follow her on Youtube and TikTok. You can ask her a question on Hey Hero now.

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