Their Flirting Style... By Zodiac Sign

October 26, 2021
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Their Flirting Style... By Zodiac Sign

October 26, 2021

It’s pretty hard to pick up on being flirted with, especially in the 2021. Our new normal has made socializing and dating feel like such foreign concepts. Dating virtually can also feel like a world of confusion. Without seeing someone’s body language, we can feel stuck and incapable of fully understanding intentions.

While flirting, a person may have different approaches that can range from playful teasing, intriguing banter, and, at its worst, bullying. A rule of thumb to remember about flirting is not everyone is good at it. Some people flirt in their own language that you don't quite speak. You may find yourself wondering amusingly if someone is working to attract you, but it’s more fun to recognize it when it’s happening. To make things a bit easier and remove some of the guessing games, here's a breakdown of flirting styles... by Zodiac sign.

How ARIES Flirts

When Aries is flirting with you the energy will be direct and straightforward. For reference, think about the stereotypical hot popular girl who walks straight up to you and says “hey.” Aries is not big on wasting time and even though the energy may not say too much, Aries will make themselves known. That being said, if you’re a bit oblivious then you might miss the major tell-tell signs. Direct eye contact, enlarged pupils, the courage people with Aries placements exude when coming onto their romantic prey. Ruled by the fiery planet Mars, Aries are driven by their senses and believe in making their desires known by who Aries wants. Sure there are people with Aries placements who haven’t quite tapped into the maturity of Aries energy, yet. A developing Aries energy can come off as playing nonsensical games, being manipulative through provocative behavior, and causing needless conflict. Basically, sometimes Aries’ flirting style is finding ways to start fights (unfortunately not all of them end in the bedroom).

How TAURUS Flirts

Be very clear that Taurus is a Venus ruled sign, which means Taurus energy is almost always flirting. To be fair, sometimes their flirtatious energy is unintentional and that can be confusing. People with Taurus placements are naturally very sweet and charming, which makes them extremely beautiful. Taurus energy is appealing to the senses, which means when a Taurus placement is flirting with you it’ll go above and beyond to look stylish, taste delicious, feel soothing, sound alluring, and smell enticing. That being said, being intriguing to the senses is its natural state of being which means people with Taurus placements will typically ensure that they are pleasing to the senses. The significance between when Taurus energy is flirting with you versus when it isn’t flirting with you is if it works for you to notice them. Does your Taurus crush lean in close or soften their voices around you?

How GEMINI Flirts

Gemini is all about self expression and that means Gemini issues will have no issues making their interest known to their crush. That being said, Gemini is ruled by Mercury which means Gemini energy can be a bit tricky in its flirting style. To Gemini, love is somewhat like a game and it’s best to figure out what your Gemini influenced lover is playing. To Gemini, love can feel a lot like a quest in which they must piece together the right words to captivate your interest. Be careful, people with Gemini placements may overthink and read situations wrong which can lead to self sabotage. Being a mutable air sign, Gemini’s interest can be quite fleeting so when a person with Gemini placements shows initial interest, it might be worth taking a risk and flirting back in the moment. YOLO.

How CANCER Flirts

Cancer’s flirting style is rather easy to understand, Cancer energy is naturally very nurturing. It is through caring for others that a person with Cancer placements will show their interest. It is in a Cancer placement’s ability to collect sentimental moments and turn them into scrapbooks. It shows that they are thinking of their crush and that they care. When they ask for your favorite meal or help you recount your members, that is how they flirt. A person with prominent Cancer placements shows their flirty persona through their ability to remember what’s important and by going the extra mile with their care.

How LEO Flirts

Leos are natural stars and that stardom shows in the way people with Leo placements carry themselves. When a Leo is feeling particularly flirty and wants to make themselves the center of their interest’s attention, they will have no problem dressing to the nines and making themselves notable. Like glitter, a Leo placement will find a way to make themselves sparkle and stand out from others. Simply put, if a Leo placement wants to attract a lover they will make the process of flirting easy for the object of their interest. When a Leo makes the first move usually it will be bold, expect a direct compliment or a performative wink. In the case that they want to be approached by you, a Leo placement will be sure to set a scene.

How VIRGO Flirts

Honestly, Virgos are pretty difficult to pick up on… I’m actually not sure that Virgo flirts if I’m being honest… Awkward… Virgo energy is all about maintaining a sense of solitude and Virgo is represented by the Maiden, which is an unmarried girl. What it means to be a maiden is changing within many societies, but traditionally maidens of the past did not have a lot of sexual freedom. If they pursued their love interests outside of an appropriate setting, they could be considered a sexually loose woman. Regardless of gender, Virgos tend to be a bit more laid back when it comes to its flirting style. You may not even realize that a Virgo placement is flirting with you, simply because the Virgo flirting style is so subtle. If a Virgo is being nice to you and showing interest in the weird things you like, then you can probably assume that they are interested in you.

How LIBRA Flirts

Libra is probably one of the most difficult signs to read when it comes to flirting, this is because Libra energy is flirting all the time. Libra is a cardinal air sign, which means the way that Libra placements walk through life is continuous and free. Like Taurus, those who are blessed with Libra energy understand that the world is extra sweet when we appeal to the eyes. For this reason, it can be extremely easy to take a Libra’s sugary personality for romantic interest. It is in the moments when Libra placements are charming in awkward fashions and let their cool go that you’ll be able to tell true interest. Naturally poised and pretty, it is in the moments when they are slightly off-balanced that you’ve truly caught their attention. Take note of the fumbles and stumbles, it is then that you know that you gave them butterflies.

How SCORPIO Flirts

Scorpio energy is so naturally enticing, there’s something about their aura that speaks to human desire. It is through Scorpio’s inclination to maintain privacy that the energy is able to enchant others. It is their mysterious flair that leaves people wanting more. A person with Scorpio placement is capable of giving momentary glances with shy eyes that leave others enthralled by their presence. If you are curious if a Scorpio placement is flirting with you the only way is to find out. Do they look at you with kind enough eyes and slight smiles? Are you brave enough to reach out to Scorpio’s energy to say “hello?” If you are brave and execute courage then it won’t take long to determine if a person with Scorpio placements is into you. They’ll be sultry, seductive, and adorable nervous. If they are pursuing you then their flirting style is focused.


There is no other way than to describe Sagittarius’ flirting style as fun. Sagittarius are the jokesters of the zodiac. When a person with Sagittarius placement is interested in someone, they will have no hesitations to flirt. They actually seek out the opportunity to hunt for someone to flirt with. Much like their archer archetype, when they have their sights set on someone it’s aim and shoot for them. Which means, like Aries, their flirting style is direct and straightforward. It’s very hard to not be clear when a Sagittarius is interested in you. Seriously, the best way to figure it out is by asking. Of course you should pace yourself and way for obvious tell-tell signs. Sagittarius prides itself on being an honest energy, so even if they don’t know how to feel about you, they will flirt with you by leaving you with wonder.


Good luck, I sincerely mean that. Capricorns are a tough cookie to crack and sometimes their flirting can come off as rude. The best way to describe their flirting style is professional direct. If they are interested in you then they will tell you. It’s through their kindness and compassion that you will be able to tell that you’re cared for. If you’re looking for some type of performance or a gigantic proclamation of romantic interest, you should probably try dating a Leo or a Sagittarius. It is through a Capricorn’s stability and consistency that they show interest. Now be clear, just because a Capricorn is showing interest in you does not mean that they are committed to you for life. They’re focused and their flirtation is not fleeting. A Capricorn willing to pursue will directly approach you and a Capricorn who’s willing to receive your attention will give you the time of day.


Wow, another Saturn ruled Zodiac sign, good luck to those with interest in Aquarius placements. I’m kidding, they’re actually pretty simple to understand. If someone with an Aquarius placement is interested in you, you’ll probably know. Their flirting style is rather honest and they tend to be pretty good at flirting. Someone with Aquarius placements is the type of person who will use the cheesy and harmless pickup line. If they are feeling more subtle in their approach, they will lean toward gauging your interest. They’ll take notice of the clothes you wear and the items you’re holding onto. Their flirting style is showing a genuine interest in what you are interested in. When they can bridge a gap through commonality then that will only increase their interest. Aquarius placements are pretty good at catching major crushes, so rest assured that once you have them hooked then they are yours.

How PISCES Flirts

A Pisces with a crush is like a fish with water, the two go hand and hand. Similar to Capricorn, it can be a bit difficult to tell if Pisces energy is flirting with the idea of you. If they are playing it cool, you may never know because a person with Pisces placements may be very good at pretending you don’t exist. Mind you, Pisces placements are pretty good at disconnecting from the real world. In those cases it’s best to pay attention to the easily missed signs. Does your Pisces interest occasionally look towards your direction longingly, as if they are lost in space? Do they make passive and seemingly obscure comments about being romantically intrigued by characters or objects that seem to share a resemblance to you? If a Pisces is pursuing you then they are likely to talk your ear off about something completely nebulous, if they are intrigued by you then they’ll act shy and disoriented at times.


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