Where To Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

October 14, 2021

Where To Travel Based On Your Zodiac Sign

October 14, 2021

The furthest distance most of us are traveling is from our bed to our couch. But between Netflix marathons and sourdough baking attempts, we can daydream about where we’ll travel next!

Once safe, non-essential international travel resumes, narrowing down a perfect destination may feel a little overwhelming. So why not let the stars play your travel agent and choose your next travel destination based on your Zodiac sign!?


Chances are you’re adventurous, thrill-seeking, and spontaneous. As the first sign of the zodiac, you love to be physically active and are usually up for a challenge. A relaxing beach vacation may be too boring for you, especially after the year we’ve spent cooped up inside! Try Chile, which boasts the driest place on earth, the Atacama Desert, as one of its many natural attractions. Activities there range from sand-boarding and rock climbing, to hot air ballooning and more. I’m exhausted just writing this. But you’ll love it!


You know how to enjoy the finer things in life. The ruling planet of Taurus is Venus, which gives you an innate appreciation for art, luxury, and beauty. Basically you’re classy AF, and you need a vacation to match! Go stay in the Amalfi Coast of Italy.You’ll be able to enjoy the unmatched natural beauty of the Italian coast, while eating delicious pasta and drinking the very best wine. Take a dip in the Blue Grotto off the isle of Capri, followed by some refreshing Limoncello made from fresh Sorrento lemons.


With #twinning personalities, Gemini’s have an insatiable curiosity and a desire for constant variety. You thrive in destinations that can offer zen relaxation one minute and thrilling adventure the next. To satisfy your constant need for change and excitement, I suggest a trip to Sydney, Australia! Sydney has it all—bustling cityscapes, world-class restaurants, and beautiful beaches. From sunrise to sunset, you’ll have tons of activities to choose from.


Cancers are kind, gentle, and easy-going. Your constellation is the crab, which makes your natural pace slower and steadier than most. After the high-octane year of 2020, you’ll be seeking a vacation where you can relax and revive. A perfect place to do this is Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful resort town located off the coast of Jalisco. It’s known for its beautiful beaches and stunning marine life, making it one of the top beach destinations in the world!


Odds are you’re passionate, bold, and fierce. The natural leader of the Zodiac, Leo’s ruling element is fire and ya’ll absolutely thrive in the sun! For the most Leo-friendly vacation, I  recommend a trip to Cartagena, Colombia. Nicknamed “La Heroica,” Cartegena  has culture, pristine beaches, and salsa clubs where the music never stops. Get your Insta fix in the picturesque walled-city which boasts ridiculously colorful colonial architecture.


Virgos are incredibly smart, resourceful, and eager to see the world. A natural-born planner with exacting tastes and standards, you love to be productive—even when you’re on vacation! I suggest Peru. Challenge yourself by hiking Machu Picchu, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is spectacularly beautiful and otherworldly. As a perfectionist, you’ll also love meticulously-crafted Peruvian food, including their national delicacy: ceviche. Yummmm.


Libras are the epitome of balance, with your constellation being weighted scales. With your thoughtful, peaceful, and centered personality, you should try a vacation in Alberta, Canada. Banff National Park is famous for its crystalline lakes, beautiful mountains, and unique wildlife. Your vacation will be equal parts relaxing and adventurous, with many outdoor activities available, including hiking and swimming. O, Canada.


Let’s cut to the chase—Scorpios are badasses. You’re brave, determined, and love to take on a challenge. An adventurer at heart, you want a getaway that’s anything but typical. That’s why a trip to Kenya is exactly what you need! The Saruni Samburu Safari Camp offers spectacular safaris, guided exploring, and even a spa. As a classic Scorpio romantic, I recommend taking that special someone with you for a trip of a lifetime.


For you, freedom is everything. Your ruling planet is Jupiter, which gives you an open mind and a wanderlust heart. You need to head somewhere remote, so you have freedom to roam and discover. For this reason, you’ve got to head to Iceland! Iceland offers endless natural beauty with its waterfalls, volcanoes, and geothermal lagoons. You can trace Iceland’s Viking history at the Saga Museum in Reykjavik and learn about fellow warriors who found freedom on the open seas.


Capricorns are independent, ambitious, and driven. With a ruling planet of Saturn, Capricorns are always ready to learn new skills (and low-key become the best at them). A perfect vacation for you is one where you can leave feeling accomplished. For that reason, I recommend an ultimate adventure vacation in Costa Rica! Push yourself with physically-demanding ventures like waterfall rappelling, surfing, or horseback riding.


Chances are you’re rebellious, innovative, and original. As a trailblazer, you’re not spending your vacation in a trendy hot spot. For this reason, a perfect place for you to visit is Tbilisi, Georgia. This unique city is home to incredible art, architecture, and…wine-tasting! Seriously, the wine is amazing in Tblisi, showcasing unique varieties you can’t find anywhere else. Cheers!


As a Pisces, you’re creative, spiritual, and intuitive. With the Pisces constellation being a fish, you’re happiest when you’re near a body of water. Koh Samui, Thailand is a beautiful island that is surrounded by unbelievably warm waters. With plenty of pristine beaches, this is considered a swimmer’s ideal vacation spot. In the words of famed fish historian Dory…just keep swimming.


Nina Rose Carlin

Nina is a writer and actress based in Los Angeles. She is a published playwright, and an aficionado of all things pop culture. Her claim to fame? One time, John C. Reilly told her she looked like Anna Kendrick. She'll take it.

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