What's Your Venus Love Language?

October 12, 2021
Love + Sex

What's Your Venus Love Language?

October 12, 2021

L’ amour! The most important and confusing sentiment us humans feel. However mystifying matters of the heart may be, astrology can help us understand our romantic notions better.

Luckily, the planet Venus can help us become familiar with how we show and give affection, comfort, and love to others and ourselves. This red-hot planet also sheds light on what we require in return vis-à-vis romantic flavors and sentimentalities.

The house placement that our natal Venus sign falls in, by way of our natal chart, will bring us more clarity across the board. For example, if your Venus sign is in Aries and in the 11th House, then you are impulsive in love, but you may not want to be involved in a deep relationship.

To find your Venus sign and house placement in your natal chart, sun and moon sign calculator.

Venus in the Signs:

Aries - Daring in love, you never hold back on your feelings. You prefer blunt expressions of affection (with others and towards you) instead of ambivalent emotions.

Taurus - Sensual to the core, you desire consistency, practicality, and loyalty from your partners. In return, you’ll pamper them with gifts, generosity, and tender loving care.  

Gemini - You need to be intellectually challenged.You’ll even opt out of relationships with people who can’t keep up with your quick wit and mind.  

Cancer - Your nurturing heart will always lend support to those in need — even if it means putting your needs behind those you care deeply for.

Leo - You take pride in showing off your partners and friends. You’re boastful about all of their accomplishments, as long as they accept your dramatic heart.

Virgo - You can be too analytical when it comes to your emotions —only because you want to invest your time with people worthy of your love.

Libra - You’ll do unto others as they do unto you in matters of love. Kindness and fairness are essential when it comes to winning your heart.

Scorpio - You demand 100% from others, which will be reciprocated by you. Yes, your feelings run deep and intense, not to mention, never without passion — making you unforgettable.  

Sagittarius - Adventure is always on the horizon for your wild heart. In fact, you live for excitement and prefer unconventional romances over practical or mundane ones.

Capricorn - Practicality and realism can win over your earthy heart, as you prefer straightforward relationships with little fuss, peacefulness, and chill vibes over unnecessary drama.

Aquarius - Your open-mind and future-thinking energy brings in unique and novel partnerships — all of which don’t follow the beaten track in matters of the heart.  

Pisces - Relationships can become dreamlike, soft-hearted, and tender. The only caveat is that boundaries must be set, as you tend to give your all to love.

Venus in the Houses:

1st House or Ascendant/Rising of Self - Charming by nature, your squad is drawn to your innate magnetism. You also have a wonderful sense of style and grace that your pals admire.  

2nd House of Confidence - You don’t like to jump into relationships easily, and you often take your time before committing to others to ensure maximum security in all partnerships.

3rd House of Communication - Flattery gets you everywhere and sweetens your loving cup when given to you. You flirt with loving words and prove your feelings with kindness.

4th House of Home - Home is where your heart is and you tend to keep your emotions on the DL, unless you feel safe in expressing them to others.  

5th House of Creativity - It’s easy to turn your head! You’re playful, amorous, and sensual when it comes to matters of the heart — making you a fun date.

6th House of Daily Routine - Practicality and closeness are essential to your relationships, which means you will only open up to those who you can talk to every single day.  

7th House of Partnerships - You live for love. This is why harmony is necessary for you and your boo 24/7, as you tend to avoid confrontation and conflict.  

8th House of Transformation - Relationships run intense and deep. You refrain from drama. You are drawn to romantic situations and partnerships that are 100% real. Superficiality need not apply.  

9th House of Philosophy - In order to be happy with your boo, you both must be dedicated to growth. You believe love is a process and evolution is necessary.

10th House or Midheaven of Public Life - You crave a partner who can be your equal  —  who can live up to your stellar reputation and popularity (so you can show them off).

11th House of Friendship - You need a partner who is your friend above anything else. The caveat is that you jump into relationships before considering the responsibilities they entail.

12th House of Clandestine Relationships - You’re not always up front with your feelings or relationship status, as you tend to be guarded and like to keep partnerships on the DL.


Lisa Stardust

Lisa Stardust is a New York City-based astrologer who has been part of the astrology community for over 10 years. You can ask her a question on Hey Hero.

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