What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Love Life

October 25, 2021

What Your Moon Sign Says About Your Love Life

October 25, 2021

Once we learn about our birth charts the next natural course of action is to jump straight into compatibility: What zodiac signs am I most compatible with? Pro tip: Unlocking and understanding your moon sign is a short cut to gaining more insight on forming a healthy partnership. In astrology, our moon sign represents our inner world, our emotional reactions, and what we need to feel safe and secure. So, it only makes sense to look at this through a romantic lens when we’re looking for an ideal partner or partners.

The moon also represents our inner knowing, intuition, and can even speak to our time in the womb. Whether we have a relationship with our maternal figure or not in our lives, the moon can represent one of our first primary relationships—when we are in our mothers’ wombs. If your sun or Venus sign are in the same sign as another person’s moon sign, for example, there is an innate understanding and exchange of love and appreciate for one another’s values and sense of self. Let’s unpack what each moon sign needs to thrive and feel seen, safe, and secure in relationships.

Aries Moon

You have a zest for life and emotionally process at the speed of light. It doesn’t matter if you have a cozy and sweetCancer sun, you crave adventure and spontaneity. Seeking a partner who is active and as eager for new experiences is critical for you.

Taurus Moon

Did someone say DoorDash? You’re so much deeper than your comfort foods, but you do need someone who can indulge in a little self-care. You find security through tangible and pleasurable experiences together—couple’s massage, cooking a meal together, or even taking a nap together. Your sensuality must not be ignored.

Gemini Moon

You need a mental adventure, Gemini, one that transcends time and space. You need someone who can intellectually stimulate and keep up with you. Someone who knows more random facts than you and who can slay any pub night trivia. You seek to learn from a partner and to engage in witty banter along the way.

Cancer Moon

Family is where the heart is and no that doesn’t mean you have to have children! Your home is your safe space and those you allow to enter have earned a special place in your heart. Creating a home and family, even a fur family with loving pets, is what makes you feel safe.Someone who can cozy up under 1,000-thread count sheets and watch your favorite movie with you.

Leo Moon

If you’re not receiving daily compliments something is wrong. You need attention and that’s not a crime! You’re a star and you know it, but you need a partner who can recognize you and all your light for what you really are. Your partner should be fun-loving and help you tap into your inner child on a regular basis!

Virgo Moon

Oh, Virgo moon, will anyone ever be perfect enough for you? The secret to your never-ending quest for perfectionism is finding a partner who can help you along the way. Someone who is a teammate and who you can count on to get the little shit done. When you have a partner you can trust, you can unwind and embrace your self-care more often.

Libra Moon

I won’t lie, you need someone that’s hot.Someone that lights your inner fire and who can also balance the complicated dance of appreciating surface-level beauty while getting lost in the complexity of the world around us. You’re deep and require a delicate balance of someone who is social and outgoing, but who can also have deep conversations into the night with you.

Scorpio Moon

You need a ride or die. There’s just no other way. Someone who gives themselves completely to you—someone who learns about your darkest secrets and promises to love you even more. Trust is a real issue with Scorpio moons, so you need to establish a lasting bond, and once you do, it will stand the test of time.

Sagittarius Moon

You need space! If you have a partner that wants to do everything together that just isn’t going to work out. You need someone who is just as independent as you are, and who also yearns to travel:physically, spiritually, and maybe even psychedelically. Adventure is what recharges you and strengthens your bond with your beloveds.

Capricorn Moon

You’re eager to build something together—a lasting legacy and make a difference. You want to be remembered for your hard work and dedication, so you need someone who gives you the grace and understanding to focus on your goals and ambitions. You also need someone who approaches their emotions from a practical perspective. Let’s not jump on the feeling train, let’s dissect first and discuss what comes up.

Aquarius Moon

Friendship makes your heart sing. If you don’t have a solid foundation within a partnership, it’s a waste. You know beauty fades with time and true bonds require shard values. You’re eager for someone who can also detach from their emotions, or give you time to logically process before charging full steam ahead.

Pisces Moon

Oh, you sweet angel, you need to merge.Plunge the depths of your soul and find another who is brave enough to do so.Your otherworldly experiences make your intuition spot on and you usually have a strong sense of other people’s energy. You need someone who can create, allow you to dream, and who loves to fucking cuddle.

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