Venus in Cancer: Horoscopes & What You Need to Know

October 15, 2021

Venus in Cancer: Horoscopes & What You Need to Know

October 15, 2021

Grant yourself permission to be comfortable. On May 26th, we experienced a Lunar Eclipse in the Fire sign Sagittarius and as magical as it sounds, it was powerful. Eclipses act as fated moments in our lives where we must relinquish control and trust what the universe has in store for us. For some, that’s easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy, for others it’s not easy to take the backseat and let a power higher than themselves take the wheel. For many of us, regardless of the level of difficulty in processing the eclipse, the fatigue felt after is worth noting. Luckily, the Universe is not a cruel observer of our Earthly experience, cue Venus in the sign Cancer.

On June 3rd, Venus entered the sensitive and emotionally diverse sign, Cancer; If you are not familiar with the planet of love and beauty, you should become friendly with it during the month of June. Venus in the sign Cancer is urging us to seek happiness by granting ourselves permission to be cozy, especially confronting that there is often guilt associated with allowing ourselves to be comfortable. In the societies we live in, many of us are expected to continuously perform and accomplish something. Being a gentle caretaker, Venus in Cancer acts as a reminder to unwind and let go of external judgements. If you need to cry or express your needs, let yourself, for that you will feel better afterwards. Venus will stay within the sign Cancer until June 26th. The point of this transit is to relax, rejuvenate, and to grant yourself emotional freedom. You have 23 days to experience 23 sentimental moments; eat 3 weeks worth of comfort food and take as many naps as needed.


Turn your love and affection towards your family and home; As the planet Venus enters the sign Cancer, you will feel encouraged to turn your attention towards more sentimental affairs. When was the last time you had dinner with your loved ones? Are you feeling particularly comfortable at home? Turning your care towards the roots of your life will only enrich you. No need to take for granted the blessings in your life, reach out and communicate with your day ones.


Honor your voice during Venus in Cancer; Raising your tone and arguing are all actions that you’re capable of doing, but engaging in that type of disruption will cause you more stress than anything. Keep a careful eye out for who brings the best out of you. You’re a naturally sweet and nurturing sign, when those traits come out then that likely means you’re in great company. The aim for June is to feel at ease and to express yourself in a warm way. Cool articulation is not an automatic problem, cold articulation is when there is a problem.


Any spoiling of self should be within the boundaries of your budget, do not be too unnecessarily elaborate. Caring for your body and putting yourself at ease can be as simple as treating yourself to a cup of tea or a bowl of soup. Procrastination occurs when we overcomplicate tasks as opposed to seeing them as simplistic steps towards a larger process. The process of self care does not have to be rushed nor does it need to be fancy. You will find those safe financial decisions and the appreciation for what you have long term.


What a beautiful transit to start summer with! Venus is in your house of self, giving you plenty of reasons to recognize your inner beauty. Carry yourself with grace and charm; for when you stay true to your style and practice beautification based on your own personal style, you’ll be able to appreciate who you see in the mirror. Bubble baths, body butters, and perfumes can enhance your allure and attract attention, if that is what you are looking for. When you look good, feel good, and stay away from the danger zone, you’ll find that enjoying this transit will come easily.


Turn your mind towards what you can’t see by taking careful attention to sensations, Freudian slips, and passing thoughts that will be a source of joy for you. In life, it is difficult to pay a high level of attention to the inner workings of our minds. Life is often too busy or filled with distractions that keep us from diving too deep into our subconscious thoughts. While Venus is in the sign Cancer, you should make time to hear your inside thoughts. Meditate, swim, run, take on practices and exercises that will help you let your thoughts pass freely. Dreams have the potential to deepen your understanding of yourself.


Paging Virgo, get out of your head and start getting involved with your community. This is a less than ideal time to experience Venus in Cancer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy this transit. If you’re fully vaccinated, reaching out to your friends and engaging with the world can help you feel more comfortable with yourself. If you’re still concerned about your health, there’s no shame in finding your community online. Join clubhouse groups or sign up for virtual groups to build community and find new friends! June is looking good for expanding your outer circle.


Your ability to be a caretaker is taking center stage, in fact, it’s occupying so much of your life that it’s beginning to impact your reputation. Of course, there’s no shame in being known as a person who cares. Own your ability to support others and be a friend in need. It will positively enhance how others perceive you, allowing for you to bask in the pleasant regards. Don’t forget to dress the part, which may suggest spending some money on your wardrobe. Dress for the way you wish to be perceived and watch as people treat you as you desire.


Staying at home is looking to be in your favor, this can also include taking a trip to visit a childhood home or family members. You aren’t being called to stray outside of your comfort zone, don’t pressure yourself to move in ways that compromise your comfort. The goal of this transit is for you to find a space where you feel at ease. Wherever you feel comfortable to learn and experiment is ideal; In your quest for knowledge there will be errors, which is why it is important that you’re somewhere that enables you to take risks. Signing up to learn a new skill or trade will benefit you in the long run.


The more you allow people in, the easier it will be for you to receive the care you need. Avoidant attachment can serve its purpose, sometimes there is value in knowing how to take your time. Trust in many cases can be a risk to take, one in which you should only take when you feel ready. That being said, there are plenty of people around you who do care about you and are rooting for you. Do not expect for people to be mind readers, you have to communicate and let people in to attain your desires. Be kind in your approach, closed mouths don’t get fed.


Let tenderness in Capricorn, Venus in Cancer may rock you at your core by bringing forth feelings you didn’t expect to experience during the month of June. Thankfully, Venus is a benefic planet; with this its desire is to help you experience pleasure. Let your guard down and allow space for a romantic partner to embrace you, to hold you, and to remind you that you’re a blessing to love. For many of you, this is the beginning of a romance filled Summer. Even if you are single, your close friends will be especially affectionate towards you.


Take pleasure in your day to day habits by allowing in mindful meditation; this will help deliver relief and gratitude into your life. As you break your fast in the morning, take your time to savor and appreciate your breakfast meal. Intentionally make choices in your day to day life that enable you to enjoy pleasure and slow motion. It may seem frivolous to give so much attention to mundane tasks, however, it has the ability to help you enhance your health both mentally and physically. Choosing to practice yoga or other meditative rituals can aid in your mental health and wellness.


What a beautiful transit, Pisces. You are being given permission from the universe to create, to play, to seek pleasure. Wherever you call home is exactly where your ideas are and should be birthed and nurtured. An open mind and a heart willing to love will help you develop whatever it is you wish to create. You may feel compelled to put brush to paper or clay into your hands with haste, don’t. Let yourself dream a little before you start your creative process and don’t forget to have fun during your creative process; let your imagination soar by being willing to make a fool of yourself. There is no room for judgment when you’re bringing your dreams and ideas to light, so allow yourself to be childish.


Astrologer Six

Six is an Inclusive Astrologer, Intimacy Caregiver, Human Sexuality Ph.D. dropout and all around Sagittarius. Follow her on Youtube and TikTok. You can ask her a question on Hey Hero now.

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