The Top 3 Ways to Look for Love based on Your Birth Chart

October 26, 2021
Love + Sex

The Top 3 Ways to Look for Love based on Your Birth Chart

October 26, 2021

If 2020 wasn’t the easiest on your dating life – you’re not alone (pun intended). If social distancing put a pause on your ability to find a partner or even just have someone to flirt with, there’s some good astrological news in 2021 for all the signs – and I’m going to show you some easy tricks to maximize it even more.

See these 3 sure-fire ways to identify the Love energy in your personal birth chart and how to use that ancient wisdom to make the most of the modern dating scene.

1. Get to Know Your 7th House Ruler

Your 7th house is the house of love, marriage and partnerships – and it can be very revealing in terms of how you look for and prioritize those topics in your life. Look at the sign that is on your 7th house cusp. Based on what sign is there, you can determine which planet will signify relationships and long-term commitments in your personal life.

Your Rising Sign - Your Relationship Planet

  • Aries - Venus
  • Taurus  - Mars
  • Gemini - Jupiter
  • Cancer - Saturn
  • Leo - Saturn
  • Virgo - Jupiter
  • Libra  - Mars
  • Scorpio  - Venus
  • Sagittarius - Mercury
  • Capricorn  - The Moon
  • Aquarius - The Sun
  • Pisces - Mercury

Now that you know your personal relationship planet, look at where your 7th house ruler falls in your natal chart for clues about what that person may be like, where you might meet them, and even when you will.

For example, if you’re a Virgo Rising, you’ll have Jupiter as your relationship planet. If you were born with Jupiter in Cancer, your Jupiter will be in the 11th house. You may meet your partner through a friend or group. As a Jupiter in Cancer, this person may be inclined towards spiritual or service-based pursuits, like volunteering, giving back, humanitarian efforts, or be a central figure in a specific community. They’ll likely be a people-person– friendly, warm and inviting–and may be family-oriented as well. For timing purposes, you’d want to consult an astrologer to help you determine if you are entering an 11th-house or Jupiter-ruled protection year to see if that area of your life or planet is being activated in a given birthday-calendar year.

2. It’s all about the transits

It’s always nice to see the love and relationship houses of your chart being lit up – so pay attention to the times of year when the Sun, Venus and Jupiter enter your 5th or 7th houses by transit. (Also watch for when these planets are transiting over your personal relationship planet that we identified in Part 1.)

These are helpful planets and they like to bestow blessings upon us, especially Jupiter and Venus when it comes to love, sex, gifts, and luck. The Sun wants to shine a light on a certain area of our lives during every calendar year, so solar transits are equally vital as well when looking for love. The Sun has 30 set calendar days in each sign, but luckily, Venus and Jupiter move at different speeds, so you can get an extended or unexpected transit in that house. Talk to an astrologer if this is unclear to you.

For example, if you’re a Scorpio Rising, look to see when the Sun, Venus and Jupiter are in the signs of Pisces and Taurus at any point in time, as those specific signs point to the love, romance, children, creativity, marriage and partnerships themes in your life.

With these planets transiting those houses, your chart is getting activated with benefic energy. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll meet the love of your life but use this time to plan more dates, get out with friends, say yes to more fun!

3. Have you used The Vertex?

The Vertex is a very sensitive point in our charts – it’s often an indicator of fated occurrences and seemingly chance encounters that make a lifelong impact. Like a doorway, it can be the entry point that draws destiny into our lives. And at least once in our lives, we’re all looking for that kind of love that knocks us of our feet, aren’t we?

Your Vertex as it is always located in the 5th-8th houses in your chart – western hemisphere of the chart, meaning the houses of other people. One client met a very influential person in her life at a job, which made it easy to track the exact minute she met this person as it was during a scheduled work meeting. Looking at that transit chart overlayed onto her birth chart showed the transit Moon was exactly conjunct her natal Vertex, signaling the emotional connection she instantly felt for this person seemingly inexplicably as she only had just him.

Tracking transits to your Vertex are a little more advanced and you have to be quite alert to the current transits but looking back on them is always fun as well to see how lit up that point can become on fated events! And it’s always nice to meet destiny halfway, especially if a transit planet is highlighting that point.

Final Note

Now that you know what this person is like, where you may meet them and when, it can help give you focus, direction and even a strategy. It is important to remember that your chart can be lit up with wonderful and helpful transits for love (or anything), but if you’re not making an effort or trying, your chart likely won’t manifest.

Our birth charts are a contract we make – and we have to do our part, too. It could be a call to try dating apps during those times, or if that’s not your thing, letting friends or family know you’re open to being set up, or for you to take the initiative to join clubs, go on hikes, take a class, etc.

Good luck out there and if you have questions on your personal chart, talk to an astrologer who would be happy to help.

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