The 3 Traits Your Zodiac Sign Needs in a Soulmate

October 13, 2021
Love + Sex

The 3 Traits Your Zodiac Sign Needs in a Soulmate

October 13, 2021

There’s someone for everyone in the cosmos, and our Zodiac signs can tell us more about our deal breakers. But more importantly, our sign can reveal "deal sealer" traits––those qualities we need to find in our other half. Since true love is a match made in heaven, the stars are the perfect guide to help us find our forever BAE. Which personality traits spark each Zodiac sign to fall madly, deeply in love?

Check out the 3 must-haves for each Zodiac sign to identify in a potential soulmate.

What Aries Needs in a Soulmate

Aries people can take a while to settle down (all that pulsing red blood and Mars energy) but when they do, they are loyal and loving partners. Aries mate for life.

Passion - Aries people love sex, and there’s no beating around the bush about that. They gotta have it. You gotta love it.

Spontaneity -Life is lived at breakneck pace with little, to zero, planning in Aries’ full-on world. Things will never be dull, but nor will they be organized. You have to go with the flow.  

High Energy - Wham! It’s all high octane, white-knuckle, 100% action in the world of the zodiac’s first-born sign (except when they’re burnt out). If you’re not into sports, thrill rides, extreme travel or high-energy hobbies then perhaps move along.

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Libra, Leo, Sagittarius

What Taurus Needs in a Soulmate

Taureans were born to settle down and nest. Home comforts, stability, security and intimacy are their cat nip.

Love the Good Life - Taurus is ruled by Venus, the goddess of pleasure. This means they have indulgent tastes in food, drink, luxury items, shopping, homeware and basically everything. If you don’t like spending on good shit, get the heck away from a Taurus.

Laid-back Energy - Taureans do NOT like to be ruffled, rushed, pressured, controlled, badgered or pushed. Nope. They won’t give you a hard time as long as you let them be too. Taurean partners need to be chill.

Happy To Stay Home - It’s a deal breaker here because Taureans LOVE being cozy and snug at home. Netflix and chill isn't a hobby for them––it's a lifestyle.

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What Gemini Needs in a Soulmate

Geminis get a real bad rap in the love stakes, as philanderers and scoundrels. Not entirely fair or true. They may play the field (they need stimulation constantly) but if they meet their match they’re in it to win it.

Intellect - Only smarty pants need apply because Gemini has one big brain and loves to be challenged, debated with, and even (secretly) bested in a battle of wits (well, occasionally).

Curiosity - Geminis skim through life knowing a little about a lot of stuff, and their curiosity is always fully ON. They need someone who shares an active curiosity about the world around them, so they can go on adventures together.

Sociability - Being "out out" is where you’ll always find Gemini, so it’s no good keeping up with them if you’re not "out out" a lot too. Finding someone who’s nearly as popular as they and who will always be there at the end of the night is Gemini’s biggest turn-on.

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Sagittarius, Aquarius, Virgo

What Cancer Needs in a Soulmate

Cancers are intense, romantic, passionate, loyal and needy. They love to be in love, and make for great partners, as long you’re committed and into it 100%. F***boys/girls need not apply!

Loyalty - Knowing that you’re there for them always and forever, whatever happens, will make a Cancer MELT. Loyalty tops their list for friends and lovers. And, in return, they’ll always be there for you too.

Intensity - Cancers are popular, well-liked people but, in love, they need something which runs much, much deeper. They are incredibly sensitive and secretive people and only open up to a chosen few. To be one of them, you have to bare your soul and be open to everything.  

Great Sense of Humor -They are suckers for a well-told joke or tall tale, a good impression, or a saucy observation of life. Humor makes Cancers fall in love. The above two traits make them stay there.

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Scorpio, Pisces, Capricorn

What Leo Needs in a Soulmate

Leos are the passionate lovers of the zodiac. It's all fire and brimstone, drama and breaking up (only to make up even more passionately). They are jealous and protective partners.

High Sex Drive - Leos express themselves through sex, it’s their literal language of love. If you don’t like speaking it fluently, joyfully and often, then you might find yourselves struggling to communicate.

Affectionate -Leos have to have your undivided attention. Though they might initially enjoy games and the thrill of the chase, they quickly get frustrated and jealous if they’re not quickly centre of your world. They crave affection, attention and admiration… but they’ll give it back in buckets.

Ambition - All Leos are going places in their careers or meeting personal life goals, and they don’t want to feel held back or thwarted by a partner who doesn’t want to get ahead in life too. Be ready to have big ideas and spend lots of energy making them happen.

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Aquarius, Sagittarius, Aries

What Virgo Needs in a Soulmate

Virgos are elegant, supportive, organized and helpful life partners there to make your lives run more smoothly. It’s like having a lover AND a manager, all in one.

Vulnerability -Every Virgo has this hard-wired switch to pay attention to, and help someone in need. They are activated by the vulnerability of others and they need something in a partner that they, and maybe they alone, can help overcome and resolve for you.

Shrewdness - Virgos are smart and perceptive, they can read a room, and they hate to be embarrassed or shown up. Partners need to possess this ability too, always knowing the mood and behaving accordingly. Virgos appreciate smartness.  

Kindness - Such a kind, helpful sign is super perceptive to the generosity and kindness of others and if you’re a bit careless or cavalier with how you treat other people, Virgo will notice (and disdain) it.

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches -Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo

What Libra Needs in a Soulmate

Libras are ruled by Venus which makes them great flirts, lovers and company. Everyone thinks Libra is in love with them because they skillfully make everyone they meet feel special. Libras are always lucky in love.

Independence - Libra is an Air sign and does like to have their space and freedom. Though they love grand gestures, intimate time and partnership, they also need good doses of their own space to do whatever the heck they like.

Patience - Libra’s fatal flaw is indecision. They can be fickle AF. They take forever to make their mind up, and will promptly then begin unravelling and unpicking the choice they JUST made. Some people can’t cope with it. You need patience.

Ethics - Libras are hard-wired to play fair and seek justice in all matters. They will notice, and abhor, crassness, brutality or unkindness. They will notice your morals and perhaps understand them better than you do. Best to be squeaky clean.

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches:

Aries, Aquarius, Taurus

What Scorpio Needs in a Soulmate

Scorpio is the mad, bad, and dangerous lover of the zodiac––intense and irresistible, but also unknowable and kinda’ controlling. Dare you take one on? You are a brave soul!

Loyalty - Scorpios are absolutely pathological about loyalty and honesty. They demand your total faith and trust and, if they’re going to let you in (and very few ARE allowed in to Scorpio’s realm), they need to know you will stay true.

Non-judgmental - Scorpios often have out there tastes, and are drawn to the darker side of life. Nothing fazes them. And in the bedroom this is also true, so be prepared for kinky, risky, extreme, and thrilling antics. Hopefully that’s your cup of tea too.

Integrity - They have respect for people who act with dignity, elegance and graciousness, and like to surround themselves with those kind of people. A Scorpio could never lower themselves to someone who acted poorly, cruelly or carelessly. They have high standards for good behavior (in public).

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Taurus, Cancer, Pisces

What Sagittarius Needs in a Soulmate

Sagittarians are a MASSIVE HANDFUL in relationships. They live to flirt, they crave personal space and freedom, and they can’t bear rules, plans or schedules. Good luck!

Wanderlust - Nothing makes a Sag happier than the open road, and the freedom to roam. If you want to be in their life then you’d better like roaming, rambling, exploring and adventuring too. There’s always someplace new to go.

Philosophical Outlook - For all of their chaotic and high-octane energy, Sags are also deep thinkers and like to chew the cud about life, purpose, heaven, and hell. They need a smart debating partner to bounce ideas around with.

Passion - As a Fire sign, sex and passion are always high on the agenda. Physically, they are insatiable and love to be touchy-feely 24:7.  

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Aries, Leo, Gemini

What Capricorn Needs in a Soulmate

Capricorns love to be in a duo, and crave the status and security of being in a power couple. They build luxurious, safe nests, and are loyal, reliable partners in life.

Conscientiousness - Cap is the hardest worker in the zodiac room, and has no time for lazy, idle, wasteful or self-indulgent types who aren’t willing to get stuck in and work hard.

Materialism - There’s no denying that Caps all like the good life, and enjoy status symbols and rewards. They see it as their reward for working so damn hard, and that’s fair enough. If you’re not into material goodies, then you might not see eye to eye. They gotta’ shop!

Positivity - Ruled by Saturn, Caps can be hard on themselves and tend to veer towards glass half empty thinking. In life, it’s important they have a partner who is upbeat and positive, and helps them overcome their seriousness. They actually have a very dry and clever sense of humor, too!  

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Cancer, Virgo, Taurus

What Aquarius Needs in a Soulmate

Aquarians can seem like the loners of the zodiac, a little aloof or distant. They do like their own space and are ALWAYS thinking about something, but they do love to have a partner-in-crime too. Honest, kind and thoughtful people will make the best match.

Independence - Aquarians need space, acres o fit, square miles of it. They’re NOT up to no good, they just like their own company and have a million projects and tasks they like to immerse themselves in. Give them room and they’ll come back happier.

Honesty - Truth is very important to Aquarius. Not so much on an emotional level, but on a rational, logical one. They believe you can only work with what’s real. They aren’t judge-y, they just want to see reality as reality.

Progressive thinker - Innovation and inventiveness thrums through this sign, and they love to think out of the box and create solutions to problems. They need a partner who is equally clever and free-thinking, and doesn’t get stuck in a rut with old ideas.  

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Libra, Leo, Gemini

What Pisces Needs in a Soulmate

Pisces is perhaps the most romantic sign of the zodiac, and loves to be in a couple, happy-ever-after. They seek the fairytale ending.

Compassion - Pisceans are all natural empaths, which means they take on the vibes and emotions of others easily and deeply. They hurt when others hurt. They need a lot of TLC and understanding. They are super sensitive.

Imagination - Pisces is slightly not-of-this-world, and loves to create little fantasies and games and stories about everyday life. If you find that charming and fun then good, join in. If you don’t, this will likely drive you nuts.

Playfulness - Because of their sensitivity and extreme empath powers, Pisces likes to keep things light, fun and wholesome. Life is already tough for them, and they prefer to play and frolic as opposed to getting dragged down in heavy stuff.

Best 'Fall In Love' Matches - Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces


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