Your 2021 New Year's Intention based on Your Zodiac Sign

October 13, 2021

Your 2021 New Year's Intention based on Your Zodiac Sign

October 13, 2021

After the restrictive and limiting year that we’ve all had in 2020, who could blame someone for not wanting to set the traditional New Year’s Resolution on January 1st? Certainly not the stars— they’d agree with you!

With Saturn and Uranus pushing each other (and therefore, all of us) to work together, the vibe isn’t just tear everything down or limit yourself to the extreme. That was 2020’s energy. 2021 is more about getting creative to make things better in our lives and reconsider how we do it.

So instead of heavy words like “resolutions,” each sign can use the energy of Saturn’s work ethic to set an intention. Saturn likes knowing we’re committed to something, and his transit to the Aquarius house of our charts is telling us where he wants us to focus and show some effort. The best part: generous Jupiter will be tagging along with him to give us an extra boost of luck and energy while we’re getting started. That means not only will we stick with it; it won’t feel like such a chore.

Take a look at your Rising Sign horoscope for an idea of where you can use this Aquarian energy in your life to set a new intention.


You are known for having a strong point of a view and an even stronger independent streak. With the focus on your 11th house of friends and networks, you have an opportunity to seek out allies who push you to think differently. Challenge yourself to accept other people’s help and support—without alienating yourself or always thinking you always have to go it alone.


Everyone knows you as the comfort-seeking, security-craving homebody of the zodiac, but now with an emphasis on your 10th house of career and public image, it’s time to embrace more of your natural leadership abilities. If you’ve been playing small, now allow yourself to think bigger and build the reputation and work for what you want to be known for.


Your challenge into 2021 is to start focusing on the bigger picture—and ask how you can expand your mind to start expanding your own horizon. 2020 had you focusing on the small stuff and your world might’ve felt a bit contracted. As a resourceful person, you likely adapted easily, but now you may be questioning what it’s all for? Now with your attention turned to the 9th house of spirituality, now is the time to be more intentional about how the people you interact with, the places you go, and even the politics you post about, and the principles you believe in serve your soul.


Known for your crab shell that you can crawl back into when things get too hard, your tough outer exterior is protecting a soft, inner core that you don’t always let others see. Now is the time to be more intentional about integrating those two halves with this focus on your 8th house of intimacy. Whether that’s finding a therapist, friend or partner you can be vulnerable with or a spiritual outlet you can connect with, your work is the inner soul work to help you reclaim your personal power.


Leos love love—and part of the way Leo loves is with fierce loyalty and ferocious commitment. The biggest question you have to answer, as 2021 highlights your 7th house of committed partnerships, is if the people you are pledging yourself to also ride or die for you in the way you receive your love language. Remember that love isn’t about keeping score. But what it is about is being honest with yourself and others about what you can give and what you want to receive—and believing people when they tell you and show you who they are.


The question you can ask yourself in 2021 is if your daily routines are aligned with your values. Do you take time to take care of yourself – mind, body, and soul? If you are favoring one of those aspects over the other, now is the perfect time for some recalibration with this emphasis on your 6th house of daily routines and health. We know you like to help others but remember that you can’t fill from an empty cup. Make sure your own is filled first.


As the aesthete of the zodiac, you have natural creative abilities and a very trained eye. You can easily point out what’s beautiful, whether that’s appreciating an artistic masterpiece or a thoughtfully positioned scholarly article. But what about your own personal creativity? You are being pushed to create something and put it out into the world as the focus is now on your 5th house of love, romance and creative projects. It’s time to give birth to your vision and think about what you want your legacy to be.


2021 is your time to think about your roots – where you want to plant them and how you want to grow. Your home should be your sanctuary and your inner circle should be people who love and support you. If either of those things isn’t true, it’s time to consider some home improvement—literally and figuratively. Self-care is not just a marketing buzzword. It’s essential to your growth with this heavy shift in attention on matters related to the 4th house of home, family, and your private life.


2020 saw the doors close on a lot of the themes and topics that Sagittarius prizes the most: namely travel, adventure and higher learning. Now in 2021, you can take the insights and wisdom you’ve gleaned and apply those lessons in your immediate environment. How can you make your neighborhood feel exploratory? How can you view your hometown or current city with a fresh perspective? How can you engage with your local community and environment with an open heart and mind and still stay true to your voice? That’s where you’ll be focused on with this spotlight on your 3rd house of communication and community.


After what was likely a destabilizing 2020 for your sign in particular, it makes sense that security and structure would be on your mind, all those serious 2nd house topics. But you’re being invited to think more creatively about money–and what you value. You are worth more than any number that’s reflected on a bank statement. So make sure that while you’re working towards a goal, you know why. Set an intention to enjoy what you’ve earned—and invest that back into time for yourself.


You’re embarking on a transformative new phase in your life. With a focus on your 1st house of self, this is an identity-shifting time in your life where instead of solely focusing on other people, you’re being instructed to put the attention onto yourself. And we know that that’s not always the most comfortable place for you to be. So really focus on intentionally getting out of your comfort zone and emerging more authentic than ever.


You are famed for being the dreamy and imaginative sign of the zodiac, and in 2021 you are being invited to lean into this innate sensibility, but with a greater purpose. With a 12th house, focus, rest and relaxation for you are about being intentional, not about escapism. Your boundaries are naturally porous and you can take on a lot of what is not inherently yours. This is the time to be more intentional about setting and maintaining your personal boundaries and allow that alone time to be more nourishing.

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