A Conversation with Psychic Kathryn Ann Galvin

October 26, 2021

A Conversation with Psychic Kathryn Ann Galvin

October 26, 2021

On April 6, 2012, a twin engine Hornet jet fighter took off from Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, Virginia for a routine training flight. After experiencing dual engine failure, the pilots ejected just before plowing into an apartment complex. Miraculously, despite extensive damage, there were no fatalities. In the aftermath, one naval officer remarked of the dual engine mishap, “It’s the first time it’s ever happened with this aircraft.”

Nobody saw the incident coming—except Kathryn Ann Galvin.  

“Before it happened, I dreamt about it over and over again,” Galvin, 32, a skilled psychic medium who lives in Virginia Beach, said. “But I didn’t fully step into my abilities until 2019.”

We caught up with Galvin, AKA Kathryn Ann Intuitive, to discuss her career path, how she heals trauma with her readings, and the surprising reason she talks to famous dead serial killers like Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, and Aileen Wuornos on her YouTube channel.

Hey Hero: When and how did you discover your gift for psychic mediumship?

Kathryn Ann: I’ve had all sorts of weird experiences during my whole life going back to childhood. But I didn't fully step into my abilities until I went to a small social gathering for people working in the real estate industry in 2019. I got there and there was this psychic medium offering readings. It was Ambrosia Matthews, who is also on Hey Hero! We’re good friends and she’s my mentor. When I first met her she scared the heck out of me. She was doing readings in this big glass enclosure. I’m sitting at this conference table. She said, 'You should be on my side of the table. Why are you not doing this?' Then she walked through all these vivid memories of mine, like a conversation with my mom from that morning about how I can read people’s energy and how I invite myself to a part of people’s lives I’m not invited to.

HH: Why did you decide to do this professionally?

KA: By the age of 22, I married and divorced an abusive alcoholic partner. That was an eye opening experience. I realized that so much of my anxiety throughout my life was caused because I was tapping into other people’s energy. It was holding me back personally and professionally. I realized I can stop this and I asked myself, how can I use this to help people? How can I help people connect to their own energy? How can I help people solve problems and traumas and feel more comfortable in their own skin? That can be a terrifying place to be, in your own skin. If you’re not fully aware of your struggles, how can you alleviate them and improve your self worth? This gift was my ticket to do that, my way to help people.

HH: I’ve heard you say on your YouTube channel that many people can’t grasp what a psychic reading can bring them beyond just fun with their friends. What can it bring people?

KA: I met with one woman who lost her son at 28 to terminal cancer. For so long, she couldn’t find or feel him around her. I had the opportunity to help her get validation in her reading. I saw him showing up to me with her three dogs in a field surrounded by pine trees. She knew it was him. Their three dogs were buried in that field. She broke down and cried. It was the first time she felt him nearby. It’s so empowering to know you’re giving people something they otherwise can’t get on this side of the Earth. This is so much more than a giggle circle at a psychic fair.

HH: What types of readings or questions do you enjoy most?

KA: I really enjoy engaging with people when it's their first time. It’s so exciting to have their nervous energy and to be able to calm them down. I can feel their energy. I see them take those breaths. It’s so rewarding. I love introducing someone to what they’ve never experienced and to know they’ve trusted me with that.

HH: What's the one thing you always want people to come away with after a reading or answering a question?

KA: Sometimes I hear that their last experience was terrifying. I never want it to be all doom and gloom. I always want to give a sense of hope and some direction coming out of it. I want to give a sense of light and a way to feel better about where they're headed.

HH: Speaking of a sense of light, I know you enjoy interviewing famous dead serial killers.

KA: I get that it’s a little bit of a conundrum. My life is a series of opposites so it fits me.

HH: What's behind that interest of yours?

KA: I’m obsessed with everything true crime. It’s huge right now and this idea dawned on me when I was working with my mentor. I wanted to use this to grow my intuitive abilities. It became a no-brainer for me. It was so fun. I was also kind of hitting a burnout. I was talking so much about relationships and infertility, just heavy stuff. I needed this to be fun sometimes too. I started the serial killer stuff on TikTok and I connected with people like Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and Aileen Wuornos.

HH: And what's the goal of those conversations? Why connect with them?

KA: Look, to be clear, there are some on my list that I don’t believe can receive any healing. But if you look into the concept of time not being linear and connect that to generational healing, it’s very interesting. By sending healing, you’re allowing their lineage healing. So by sending Ted Bundy healing, you’re not just sending it to him, but to his lineage and offering that healing to anyone who has come into contact with that lineage. Think of it like the butterfly effect.

HH: Is the pandemic affecting the types of questions you're being asked?

KA: I’m seeing that a lot of people are concerned about employment. It’s understandable with anxiety levels and trauma levels being so high now. We’re all living in this altered state. It’s not safe to live this way. So talking to psychics or astrologers is a way to reflect and see what you can take from this time. People need to learn to release these anxieties, as it’s all manifesting in this time of trauma. So connecting more to your inner self and learning how to reflect and take actions is so important. So many meditate and receive but don’t take action. I want to help people improve their own lives and relationships through action.

HH: What do you think users get out of asking you questions in this format, on Hey Hero?

KA: I think it removes the fear of booking a full reading. It allows people to be able to get an answer that makes sense and that resonates without booking a full reading. I think it’s great. I really do.


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