Treat Yo' Self & Best Date Night Ideas, Based on Astrological Sign

October 26, 2021
Self Care

Treat Yo' Self & Best Date Night Ideas, Based on Astrological Sign

October 26, 2021

Happy Taurus Season! Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and all things that give us butterflies. What a perfect time to treat your boo thang AND treat yourself, baby. Did someone say DATE NIGHT?

Taurus season is the epitome of a "treat yourself" time. This Taurus Season is no exception. Don't forget to carve out time to focus on some extra pampering. Need ideas? Here's how you can spice up date night this Taurus season with your sweetheart or a special solo night in... by astrological sign!

Date Night with: Aries

The Taurean energy loves nature and finding beauty in everything, and your Aries probably loves doing something active and excited. Take them on an exciting outdoor activity, like a hike or to the beach. Get their blood flowing and show that not only is the view beautiful, but so are they.

Treat Yourself: Aries

When Taurus season comes around, we all need to make sure that we are putting ourselves first. Take yourself out and self-indulge in everything that makes YOU feel like you’re the star. Mix up your typical Saturday night by making yourself the main character.

Date Night with: Taurus

Baby, it is time to wine and dine your Taurean lover. Treat them to a luxurious night of good food and good drinks (provided you are of legal drinking age, of course).

Treat Yourself: Taurus

Taurus Season is your time to shine because the sun has returned to your sign. You need to TREAT. YOUR. SELF. Set up a nice bubble bath, turn on your favorite show, and pop some champagne. Give yourself a luxurious and relaxing night at home.

Date Night with: Gemini

Geminis love a stimulating date night, and the Taurus energy around us loves to be relaxed. The solution? Treat your Gemini to a game night where you can chit chat but also flex the brain muscles.

Treat Yourself: Gemini

This Taurus season, don’t limit yourself to just one date night, Gemini. Start a new book and enjoy little moments. Lounging and enjoying a good read is the perfect way to treat yourself this Taurus season.

Date Night with: Cancer

For your Cancer partner this Taurus season, the best date night is to quite literally Netflix & Chill. Your partner just wants to be close to you physically and emotionally, so settle in and relax with their binge-worthy show of choice.

Treat Yourself: Cancer

You can sometimes forget to take care of yourself, so this Taurus season make that a priority for you. Do whatever you need to remind yourself that you are the star of your own show.

Date Night with: Leo

This Taurus season, take your Leo out for some fancy drinks and nice cocktails. Leos want to be pampered. They also love the glitz and the glam so make sure to give them the extravagant night they're looking for.

Treat Yourself: Leo

Baby doll, you deserve some new clothes, or games, or books, or whatever it is that you love. Take yourself out for a day of shopping and getting new goods of your choosing!

Date Night with: Virgo

Our Virgo partner is going to want something a little more sentimental, so why not take them for a walk in the park? This will allow you both to enjoy one another's company while keeping it simple and sweet.

Treat Yourself: Virgo

You love learning, and this Taurus season wants you to learn from home. So when you treat yourself, treat yourself to a night in of binging documentaries. Whether it's nature, true crime, or anything else in between, enjoy being with yourself and filling up the ole noggin with some new info and inspo.

Date Night with: Libra

Taurus and Libra are both ruled by Venus, so take your Libra sweetheart out to do something that reminds them they're a beautiful, rare gem. Maybe a photoshoot in a park or even showing them off with a glam night out on the town.

Treat Yourself: Libra

Taurus season is all about experiencing the majestic beauty in the simple things. However you define beauty you need to go experience it for your Taurus season date night for one. Treat yourself for you is making sure you don’t take for granted the little things that make you happy.

Date Night with: Scorpio

During Taurus season, you're going to feel closer than ever to your partner. Have a sensual night in, cooking their favorite meal, popping a bottle of their favorite wine, and reminding them of your deep, profound and shared love.

Treat Yourself: Scorpio

When you treat yourself during Taurus season, you're entitled to do whatever you want. This is the perfect excuse to do literally whatever you want. Self indulge and make yourself happy with whatever you want to do. The possibilities are endless.

Date Night with: Sagittarius

A true Sagittarius always want adventure, and the Taurean influence wants that adventure to be outdoors. Take your Sagittarius partner on a camping trip of some sorts. Get out of the house and enjoy a new environment.

Treat Yourself: Sagittarius

You are constantly changing and the Taurus influence wants that to be a physical change. Go to the salon and get your hair done. Mix it up and change up your look to something that screams spring.

Date Night with: Capricorn

A Bob Ross-style Paint & Sip Night is perfect for a Capricorn date night. Staying indoors and enjoying a nice drink and some wholesome content is exactly what a Capricorn wants to feel closer to you.

Treat Yourself: Capricorn

This Taurus season, you get to treat yourself to unplugging and disconnecting. You spend so much time on the pulse and working so why not be a little selfish and just focus on yourself for a weekend? Trust me. Do it.

Date Night with: Aquarius

Take your Aquarius on a date to do something informative and essential, like going to a museum. You get to be close to them and allow them to nerd out and learn something new.

Treat Yourself: Aquarius

For you, Aquarius, the dream treat yourself date would be to go for a long walk and listen to podcasts. Getting to absorb knowledge while absorbing the beauty of the outdoors perfectly accents the essence of Taurus season.

Date Night with: Pisces

My Pisces babes love all things creative, and that perfectly complements the Venus influence from Taurus season. Take your Pisces to an art gallery to remind them that they are a work of art. Make sure to use the cheesy caption, something like “bae thought the art was cute. I thought bae was cuter," on IG too.

Treat Yourself: Pisces

A Spa Day date night would be perfect for you to treat yourself. You can sit back and relax while you are getting pampered (which you deserve). Enjoy allowing yourself to get taken care of as opposed to taking care of others.



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