Why Sun Sign Compatibility is the Key to Love

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May 2, 2021

Just a few years ago, your Sun sign may have been the only thing you knew about astrology—and now many of us introduce ourselves via our Big 3 (Sun, Moon, and Rising).

But before we throw out Sun sign astrology completely, it is important to remember that unlike rising signs, which require an exact birth time and location to calculate, Sun signs are accessible to everyone. And we shouldn’t forget, this is the Sun we’re talking about here, the heavenly body that our entire galaxy revolves around—literally! It’s a big deal.

The Sun spends 30 days in each sign and which Sun sign we’re born under will flavor a big piece of our identity. Our Sun shows us where we are pulled and where we express authority. It shows what lights us up inside and therefore, what we want to outwardly express in this lifetime.

When thinking about astro-compatibility, comparing Sun signs will always be a major factor because it shows us where each person is operating from and can help us better understand whether our respective energies blend, create tension, cause intrigue, or require adjustment.

A way to start moving away from stereotyping people completely based on one placement in their chart, like a Sun sign, is to consider the aspect that their Sun sign forms with yours. That way, instead of eliminating one entire sign of the zodiac based on a Sun sign (“I’ll never date a Gemini!” or “Every Scorpio breaks my heart!”), we can start to understand what kind of conversation their Sun is having with our Sun and how we can work with the energy to connect in a more positive way.


Conjunct Sun Signs

When you meet someone with the same Sun sign as you, there is a fundamental and mutual understanding. A conjunction is a seamless blending of energies, so two people with the same Sun sign will often find an easy rhythm with each other. You understand each other’s strengths (and weaknesses), making you more sympathetic and in tune with how you both operate and what your goals are.


Opposite Sun Signs

With opposing Suns, the pull can be alluring. It’s an “opposites attract” vibe, one where we recognize a piece of ourselves in the other but are drawn in by (or frustrated with) that person’s completely opposite means of expression. For example, as Cardinal signs, both Cancer and Capricorn are initiating energies who crave security and stability but have completely different means of how they seek that out. Understanding this attraction and your differences is a huge step in seeking necessary balance.


Trine Sun Signs

With Suns trining each other, think of it like an electric socket that is freely flowing; there is nothing to disrupt the transmission. Trines mean your Suns are in the same element, so consider two Air signs meeting. A Libra Sun and a Gemini Sun will understand that conversation and mental sparks will be a key piece of attraction, dating, and home life for both of them, and will prioritize it similarly. With this in mind, when Suns are trining, both of you will understand what makes the other tick.


Square Sun Signs

A Sun squaring another Sun can create sparks—that can easily translate to sparks flying in the bedroom or sparks igniting a flame war and battle of wills. Squares are formed with a sign in the same mode as your Sun, at 90-degrees on either side. For example, a Leo Sun will form a square with a Taurus Sun, making their relationship one where there can be plenty of sexual attraction, but when an argument arises, both will display trademark Fixed-sign stubbornness. If you think of squares as people who pulled up at a four-way stop sign at the same time, remember that to keep the peace, you sometimes have to let the other person go first.


Sextile Sun Signs

When your suns form a sextile, it happens between Sun signs in complementary elements (think Fire signs with Air signs, Water signs with Earth signs, and vice versa). And that’s the key word of how your Suns operate together—you will complement each other and be able to assist each other with your goals, dreams, hopes and aspirations. Suns in sextile with each other want to help and can help you feed your pursuits with some extra support or energy.


Inconjunct Sun Signs

Another aspect in astro-compatibility that is very important is the inconjunct—an aspect that forms when your Sun can’t “see” the other by a traditional aspect. Think of it like someone in your blind spot. When you do finally notice them, it can hit you unexpectedly. Being caught unawares or dating someone who is not your usual physical or personality type, can create a lot of intrigue and curiosity, or it can make you feel like their Sun is totally alien to you. Working through this can require some adjustment on both your parts to make it work.

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