Talkin' Tarot Vol. 3: #FreeBritney and Kim K.

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May 2, 2021

Hi! Okay, so you knew I was going to weigh in on #FreeBritney, right? And what about Kim K separating from Kanye? Don't worry. I'm getting into both! Here we go.


Unfortunately, the rumors are true. Britney is very trapped in her situation and her mental health is deteriorating and she's even fearing for her life at times. Her domineering father remains in control of many aspects of Britney's life, including her finances. Sadly, it appears Britney's boyfriend isn't being a supportive partner. In fact, he may even be collaborating with Britney's dad!

But I do see a breakup in the future.

The takeaway: her mental state is at an all-time low. She's being controlled, manipulated and lied to. The bright side? I see that her father will get his comeuppance in the end. Britney will have justice.


What about Kim and Kanye? Here's the deal. When I asked how Kim is doing, I drew the Queen of Pentacles. This is a motherly card! That means she's trying to hold down the fort for her kids and stabilize their surroundings. She's trying to focus on her family, children, and friends. But this whole divorce is on display for millions, so naturally she feels like the whole mess is too chaotic and quickly getting out of control.

Her current plans? Finding a path to a peaceful resolution. She's determined to make amends with herself and her ex. But that doesn't mean there won't be a battle in the courts. However, I see a reconciliation with Kanye, for the sake of their kids. This might happen behind closed doors, but I do see it happening.

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