Mercury Retrograde in Gemini Forecast: Don’t Rush Pleasure

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June 10, 2021

Hold your horses! Remember when Venus conjunct the North Node gave us all these awesome ideas about commitments and engaging in enticing situationships? No, don’t worry, that was so last week! With Mercury retrograde in the sign Gemini upon us (it began May 29), we are all being welcomed to think outside of our typical perspectives to better understand how to enjoy ourselves and others. Gemini is a zodiac sign that invites duality, curiosity, and light-hearted spirits. Gemini encourages us to think about the other side and to possess a willingness to inquire more. We should all try to embrace our own mindfulness by slowing down and thinking outside the box throughout decisions and commitments. Hate to be the bearer of bad news, but, lackadaisical approaches can result in being taken advantage of. 

We know week one (May 29 - June 4) is behind us. But so many of you wanted to know how to work your way through this Mercury Retrograde. So we picked up starting on week two: 

What to Expect: Week two of Mercury Retrograde - June 5-11

Relief and Relaxation could come at a cost, one in which may result in feelings of mental fatigue during the second week of Mercury retrograde. With Mercury backing up and into the Sun’s proximity, we will find that thoughts come with ease and swiftly. For this reason we can also find ourselves being mildly overwhelmed during this time. Thoughts and ideas come as easily in our mind as fruit flies to apple cider vinegar. Some thoughts will come immediately, leaving us with feelings of momentary accomplishment. Other thoughts will pass us by or be ignored when addressed out loud. This does not mean that our thoughts are inherently flawed, it does mean that ingenuity may be required in order to attract more flies to your metaphorical trap. Don’t expect the outcomes of ideas to come quickly, the end of this week will help you think through the longevity of your thoughts and ideas. 

What to Expect: Week three of Mercury Retrograde - June 12-18

As we enter the final week of Mercury retrograde, Mercury’s Trine to Saturn is aiding our ability to recognize what’s real versus what is not. Given that Saturn is in retrograde in the sign Aquarius, we may find ourselves unpacking cultural biases and external blind spots that influenced our understanding. Mercury will also meet a Conjunction with the North Node, giving us a universal push towards fated realizations and destined conclusions. Be mindful of your emotions, they can make or break our ability to effectively communicate with others. Towards the end of the week there may be a hesitancy to speak your mind and take a deeper consideration of your surroundings. You shouldn’t shut down completely, taking things slowly and observing the boundaries of yourself and others is advised. 

What to Expect: Last weekend of Mercury Retrograde - June 19-22

You did it, you survived the second Mercury Retrograde of 2021! The final weekend of Mercury retrograde is turning your attention back to relationships. This is a good time to reflect on the occurrences of Mercury retrograde in Gemini. Did you develop a deeper and holistic understanding of those close to you? Were you able to better develop realistic expectations for your relationships and your goals? By now, you’re able to approach communication and thoughts with more grounding and clarity. Before making any major commitments, wait 2 weeks for Mercury retrograde post-shadow to pass. The next two weeks will be best for reflection and long-term planning.

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