Love Me, Love Me Not: Is Mercury in Libra Making You Indecisive in Relationships?

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August 20, 2021

Mercury, the planet of communication and thought enters Libra on August 29th, putting relationships at the forefront of our minds. When Mercury is in Libra, we tend to take on the qualities of this sign in the ways that we process information and think about our lives or intimate connections. On the plus side, people will feel more romantic and be in the mood for love, but sacrificing your own wants or needs in favor of receiving love or pleasing someone else will be a real concern. 

A desire to see the good in people can make this planetary placement a bit troublesome, as it may cause you to ignore red flags while you look at the world through rose colored glasses. You may find that you're making exceptions for behaviors that you normally wouldn't tolerate, which could leave you feeling indecisive about whether or not you're ready to move forward with someone. If you're in a committed relationship, these vibes could leave you longing for the excitement fresh love once brought your way, when you were still actively dating. Since everyone will be affected by this cosmic climate differently, you'll want to be prepared for the ways in which it will affect you. In order to learn more about Mercury's journey through Libra, find your rising sign below to see how this energy will hit you (if you don't know your rising sign, read for your sun sign). 

What ARIES needs to know

Balancing your needs with those of your partner will be highlighted during this time, make sure you're not neglecting your passions or your significant other. 

What TAURUS needs to know

Division of duties or lifestyle choices could be a hot topic right now, and it'll be important to communicate with your partner what your expectations are.

What GEMINI needs to know

If your relationship has taken away from time spent with friends, or your hunny doesn't jive with your pals, you may need to rethink the connection. 

What CANCER needs to know

Decisions around cohabitation will be highlighted if you're not already shacked up. If you already share your home, make sure you have your own space. 

What LEO needs to know

It'll be easier to talk about your feelings and romanticize the future, just make sure you're not selling yourself on a fantasy.

What VIRGO needs to know

Feeling secure within your relationship will carry you through this planetary placement. If your partner doesn't make you feel safe and loved, it's time to go. 

What LIBRA needs to know

Maintaining your individuality will be important for you, and you'll need to get comfortable advocating for yourself and making your needs known.  

What SCORPIO needs to know

Look at the cycles of your relationship and whether or not you've been moving forward together. If old problems continuously resurface, these patterns may be hard to break. 

What SAGITTARIUS needs to know

Watch out for political division within your relationship, it's okay to disagree on some things, but fundamental differences could lead to bigger problems.  

What CAPRICORN needs to know

Career is always important to you, but right now your partner's support of your professional ambitions will give you insight on whether or not you can survive the test of time. 

What AQUARIUS needs to know

Connecting on a spiritual level will be especially important to you right now, and if you don't feel that soulmate connection with bae, you may decide to move on.

What PISCES needs to know

Watch out for power struggles within your relationship, and make sure you've hitched your wagon to someone who supports your personal transformation and evolution. 

*Want to know more about Mercury in Libra?

Libra is the most relationship-oriented member of the zodiac, bringing focus to matters of the heart whenever its energy is active. This Venus-ruled sign values harmony over conflict, with a penchant for relaxing activities and a laid back approach to life. While Libra's diplomatic disposition is honorable in most instances, it can sometimes be problematic, especially when this sign sacrifices their own needs or desires in order to please someone else or avoid making waves. An uncanny ability to see things from multiple perspectives makes this hopeless romantic great at facilitating conflict resolution, but is also to blame for their notorious indecisiveness. When left to their own devices this sign will weigh the pros and cons of a situation for hours before coming to a conclusion––if they even get there at all. 

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