Faren Silverman: From Tax Attorney to Top Psychic Medium

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June 26, 2021

For Faren Silverman, AKA Spirit on Tap, tapping into Aura strategies and her psychic medium gifts is how she achieved one of her most ambitious goals: becoming a multi-millionaire before the age of 30. The 29-year-old now offers her intuitive abilities and unique Aura color strategies to help wandering souls find their way.

Whether the goal is to check in with loved ones from beyond the realm of the living or to navigate toward fulfilling seemingly impossible dreams, Faren has earned rave reviews from fans connecting with her on a broad range of requests. We're so grateful we had a chance to catch up with her about the roots of her career as a professional psychic medium, her overall philosophy to readings, and why Laverne Cox is her dream reading.

Hey Hero: We’re going to ask you to go back in time. The first time you heard the words Psychic Medium was…

Faren Silverman: When I was 14 years old, I was serendipitously referred to a local astrologist (who was psychic herself), and in a thick French accent she said, "Honey, you are a medium and psychic! This is your destiny!"  As someone who grew up in a home ruled by logic, surrounded by a family who didn’t believe in anything mystical or magical, I never felt more validated in my identity than in that moment.

HH: When did you first know you wanted to make Psychic Mediumship a career? Was there a moment when things just clicked for you?

FS: I had always side hustled as Psychic Medium, but in 2019 I was working as a Licensed Tax Attorney and it was literally killing me.  One day, I was driving home from work, and my deceased Grandmother came to me and said “If you don’t quit now, you’ll be dead in a year”.  At the time I was experiencing more suicidal thoughts stemming from the stress of being a lawyer, and having channeled psychic mediumship messages for years at this point, I knew my Grandmother’s message was true.  I ended up quitting my Father’s practice a week later because I did not want to be out of alignment with who I was any longer.  I wanted to be myself - a professional psychic medium.

HH: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received along the way?

FS: Before my Dad passed, he told me, and I quote, “Let people come to you, and then be there to help.  It’s not your job to convince other people what you do is real.  There will always be believers and nonbelievers, it’s only natural.  Just avoid being offended by anyone’s ignorance or intolerance - that is their journey, not yours.”

HH: What’s your advice to someone trying to make a name for themselves in the world of Psychic Mediumship?

FS: Find a schedule that works for you and then be consistent.  Many people like myself who work as psychics have purple as one of their aura colors, and purple aura people struggle with scheduling and being consistent.  I built my career as a psychic medium around my schedule in that (1) I am my own boss so I control my day-to-day routine, (2) I can work from anywhere so I avoid commuting and all the stress that comes from rushing and traffic, and (3) I work what some consider to be “irregular” hours (4pm-2am), but that’s what works best for my purple aura and energy, as I have always been a night owl, even through my law school and lawyer days, before I worked professionally as a psychic medium.  When I embraced that purple part of my aura and identity, that is when I experienced more maintainable energy, personal success, and happiness in my career as a psychic medium.

HH: How would you describe your overall philosophy when it comes to Psychic Mediumship?

FS: Psychic mediumship, particularly channeling client’s authentic soul aura colors, isn’t just for mystics and spiritual people or those who have lost loved ones.  Many of my clients are simply people who are building lives and launching businesses and are looking for all the help they can get to make the most informed decisions possible.  And isn’t that just so human of them?  I want HeyHero’s users and readers of this feature to know and understand that there is no shame in working with a psychic medium.  Despite having a negative stigma associated, psychic mediumship is actually a form of therapy that can unearth so much energy to be healed and provide validation as to someone’s experience.  As a lawyer, I am someone who believes the more knowledge I acquire, the better decisions I can make, and that’s how I view psychic mediumship as well.

HH: How do you continue to hone your craft or just find creative inspiration? Are there certain writers, magazines, podcasts, or something else that you always go back to or always keep up with?

FS: My close friendships have become a very powerful source of inspiration in my craft.  Many of my friends are psychics and mediums themselves, and because of this, I am frequently inspired by conversations we have and the mirroring that occurs in our lives energetically.  It truly feels magical at times.  So, I am incredibly grateful to my relationships with my Spiritual friends because they embody a deeper layer of acceptance and awareness that impacts my life everyday when we channel information for one another, intentionally and unintentionally.

HH: If you could perform a Psychic reading on anyone, alive or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?

FS: I would be humbled to channel messages for Laverne Cox. I feel so many deceased trans women of color (and other members of the LGBTQIA) in Spirit would come through and express their gratitude for her activism for her community.  It would be an honor to serve in their connection.

HH: What’s the biggest misconception out there about Psychic Mediumship?

FS: Definitely that psychic mediumship is a complete scam.

HH: And of course, we have to ask, what do you enjoy most about answering questions on Hey Hero?

FS: Knowing that there is a community featuring and promoting Spiritual Healers in an innovative and far reaching way is extremely gratifying.  I enjoy intimately connecting with such a diverse group of people, and can feel that even in a short video, I am making a significant difference in their emotional, spiritual, and financial future. I am proud to be both a user and creator on this platform.

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