Astrology Readings: The Top 4 Reasons Everyone Should Get One

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June 21, 2021

While reading your daily horoscope is fun and reading sun sign memes has you cracking up while scrolling, that general content is designed to appeal to a wide audience. But if you’re looking for more personalized insight, it may be time to consider getting a natal chart reading from a professional astrologer.

Birth charts are rooted in the premise that the moment you took your first breath in this world, the cosmos were imprinted upon you. Where the stars and planets were at that exact time and place is imbued with meaning––and that meaning is the meaning of your life. An astrology reading can help you unpack that.

Read on for the Top 4 reasons why you should consider getting an astrology reading right now.


1.  Learn about Your Natural Strengths and Skills

Part of any astrology reading will include an assessment of your Sun, Moon and Rising signs, which is kind of like your personal astro DNA, your personal coding that speaks to the skills, tools, and strengths you were given to accomplish your soul purpose in this lifetime. It is very affirming to have an astrologer, someone who doesn’t know your personal history, be able to see in your chart that you have certain traits – maybe that you love travel, or you’re a prolific writer, or you love to cook, or are a professional athlete – that you have already manifested for you. Knowing that your birth chart shows these natural abilities can be very validating that you’re in the right place – and that your instincts are right.


2. Unpack Why Certain Topics Could Be Challenging for You

Maybe you’re struggling to understand why your love life seems like a non-starter. Or you feel stuck in an endless series of boring jobs that don’t spark your interest. Or you’re wondering what you’re meant to do in this life. Sharing your struggles with an astrologer – the best ones are trained to be compassionate, open-minded and non-judgmental of anything you disclose – can help you begin to understand what could be at the root of the issue. Whether it’s discussing a more difficult natal placement or showing you that something like a tough current transit is triggering the issue, you’ll have a conversation about how, when and where to try and address your concerns.


3. Understand the Life Phase You’re In

Losing your job. A breakup of a long-term relationship or heart-breaking divorce. Deciding to have kids. Deciding not to have kids. Thinking about leaving your corporate job to travel the world. Whether we’re experiencing a life-defining transition or thinking about making big decisions like getting married or starting a business, there are several timing techniques astrologer use that can help you understand the phase of life you’re in. This is great because a) you will feel validated about why these thoughts are being stirred up for you and b) you’ll get actionable strategies on how to best meet the energy present in your chart.


4. You’ll Have Fun!

An hour (more or less, depending on what kind of session you book) where someone is focused solely and completely on you? You can’t even guarantee that on your next Tinder date! Having an astrology reading is like chatting with a friend who “sees” you – not just in a third-eye kind of way (but that helps), but who instantly gets you because they see and understand the “you” behind your chart. It’s why it’s so important to book a session with an astrologer whose point of view, content and style you respect and enjoy. Chemistry is important (kind of like that Tinder date!), and once you find your person so to speak, you get time with a trusted advisor who is devoted to answering your personal, heartfelt and burning questions to help you on your path.


With so many wonderful and trusted astrologers on Hey Hero, if you’re thinking of getting a natal chart reading or have a question about your chart, book a reading with one of us today!

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