5 Reasons You Need a Tarot Reading NOW

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August 2, 2021

If you’ve ever scrolled through TikTok or stopped on a “pick a card” post on Instagram, you may have found yourself completely astounded by the accuracy of some Tarot readers. How could they possibly know and describe your situation with such precision? It’s because Tarot readers are using their intuitive skills – likely both natural inclinations coupled with years of training and honing – and opening a channel to the spiritual realm to help you gain divine insight into a pressing situation. It’s all designed to help you make a more informed decision, with your own free will, based on the information, symbols, and signs you’re receiving from Spirit Guides.

And of course, getting a reading is a lot of fun, too!

While every Tarot reader conducts their readings differently – some prefer one-card answers, others using classic spreads like Past-Present-Future 3-card spreads, and others invent their own – there are several positive benefits that you can expect after your reading. Here are some of the top reasons to stop what you’re doing and get a Tarot reading right now!


You Get Clarity and Objectivity on Your Situation

Is your crush going to call? Are you going to get that job? Will you even be happy if you finally get what you think you want? We all have questions about the future – we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t. But instead of asking all your friends to decode every single text from your ex to find the hidden meaning behind it, the beauty of going to a professional Tarot reader is that you’re getting unbiased insight into your most heartfelt situations. They want to help you, and they are best equipped to do that because they can offer insight that you often can’t see as clearly because you’re so close to your own situation.


You Have Specific Goals & Advice to Follow

The best part of a Tarot reading isn’t that it simply offers a clear-cut yes-or-no answer to our most heartfelt and burning questions. Because after you get your “yes” or “no” answer, you as the client will naturally wonder, “So, what do I do now?” And that’s where the beauty of the Tarot really comes in. The cards will gently, compassionately, and often very directly tell you where to focus your energy next. They’ll tell you what you may need to let go of, or even what steps you may need to take, what is coming into your life, and what you can do to work with them to manifest your best life.


You Start Noticing Synchronicities Everywhere

Tarot readings really are a gift you give yourself––and it’s one that keeps on giving. Because even after the reading, you’ll continue to see and hear things your reader said that click in different ways after the messages have settled. For example, every Tarot reader will have a specific deck (or decks) they use with artwork that resonates for them and their intuitive skills. During the reading, they may tell you to look for signs as confirmation that your manifestations are taking shape or that their predictions for you are coming true. Signs could include repeating numbers that came up in your reading, animals that appeared in the artwork, certain colors, a specific person or their appearance, certain shapes, or even keywords. Then the fun part is seeing how often you “randomly” encounter those signs and symbols in your life afterwards.


You Stop Expecting the Worst

Experiencing anxiety about your future is normal. Some of the hesitation that comes with getting a Tarot reading is rooted in overly dramatized movies or TV shows that depict Tarot readers as prognosticators of doom and misfortune. We’ve all feared getting “scary” cards like The Tower, Death or the Ten of Swords in our spreads. But the truth is, even if these cards do come up, they are never in isolation. Sometimes situations or dynamics must end for a new cycle to begin. A good Tarot reader will help you understand that getting a Tarot reading isn’t about causing anything catastrophic to occur in your life. It simply helps you come to terms with what may be a difficult situation and how to see the light at the end of it. And there’s always a dual side to every card, so its appearance in your reading is offering you a specific message you need to hear. You should always feel positive, uplifted, and hopeful at the end of your reading.


You Know the Universe Has Your Back

Getting a Tarot reading is not just about trusting your reader’s intuition––it’s about developing yours. Being open with your reader about your questions, worries, and circumstances strengthens the bond between the two of you and opens the channels of communication. Maybe your reader will get a random intuitive message about a bumblebee. It may mean nothing to them, but you could tell them how a bumblebee factored into your childhood. Maybe it was an intense fear of them, maybe your grandmother had a bumblebee pin she wore, or whatever the case may be, when those messages come through during a reading, it’s like a high five from the Universe and your spirit guides to know that you’re cared for, protected, and have people on the other side who want you to win. And nothing beats that feeling! So don’t hold back, give them details, and trust that if their messages resonate, then they were indeed meant for you.


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