5 Astrologers to Activate Your Career In 2021

May 2, 2021

Want to land that sweet promotion? Get a new job? Change careers!? Everything you need is written in the stars. 

Whether you’re funemployed or on month #9927 of WFH, you may be thinking of making a major career change. 

We get it. This pandemic has gotten us all in our feelings, and made us reevaluate exactly how we spend our time. This is a period of transition and reflection, and a great time to take a new approach to your career. 

So while you’re looking at your computer screen scrolling through job listings and messaging randos on LinkedIn (same), may we also suggest looking up… at the stars? 

No, really! 

Astrology is a great way to learn about yourself, and empower you to reach your greatest potential. Take it from Astrologer Adama Sesay, who believes that astrology can help you “…uncover valuable knowledge like your true passions, opportunities for growth, what your strengths are, and how you can personally heal.”  Adama specializes in helping people identify their ideal careers and life purposes through natal chart readings. Hit her up to see what’s in store for you for 2021, and what your next career moves should be! 

Eyeing that sweet promotion? Searching for a new job? Planning on a major career change in 2021? 

HeyHero’s Astrological experts got you covered: 

Adama Sesay

Adama is the cosmic alchemist and astrologer behind LilithAstrology.com. She specializes in natal chart readings as a way to identify your best career moves. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Buzzfeed, and Well+Good (to name a few!). 

Debbie Frank

Looking for a new job while also binge-watching the new season of The Crown?! Same. If you’re a Princess Diana fan—look no further. Debbie was Lady Di’s astrologist for 9 years! A veteran astrologer with years of experience, a mini-reading with Debbie is a great way to uncover your true passions and career goals. 

Alice Bell

Alice Bell is the resident astrologer at British Vogue (NBD). Try a mini birth chart reading with her to set upcoming goals and create a plan of action. Listen to Jefferson Airplane and...go ask Alice. 

Maren Altman

Maren Altman, AKA the astrologer who went viral for predicting the election, is taking the astrology world by storm! Her tailored mini-readings can offer you insight into specific career questions.

Julia Kelley

AKA yourmomshoroscope! If you’re just getting started with astrology, Julia is the perfect astrology expert for you! She’s fun, accessible, and has amazing insights on how astrological transits can affect your career path. Don’t worry if that last sentence didn’t make sense to you. Julia’s got you covered. 

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