Your New Moon Fix with Six: May 2021

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May 11, 2021

To loosely quote Britney Spears, "Are you sure you want a piece of May?" Don’t worry about what could go wrong. The planetary transits of May are actually pretty and nice. Venus, the ruler of this month’s new moon, has left the simplicity of Taurus behind to explore and develop questions within the domain of Gemini. For the new moon on May 11th at 21 degrees in Taurus, you can expect a blend between careless adventure and concrete learning. You will be encouraged to think about your idealism and why believing in certain ideas helps you define yourself and your personal story. As a fixed earth sign, the moon in Taurus prefers to be emotionally grounded and secure, because Taurus’ ruler, Venus, is in the ever-changing air sign Gemini. It will challenge you to learn how to be open to compromise, change, and unexpected news. Change is a constant and while the new moon may lead you to want to hold on to the present, change is an inescapable force that we must learn to become comfortable with.


Babe, taking pride in what you’ve accomplished and what you have will only take you so far. This new moon is encouraging you to develop new values, for some of you this may lead you to go on a shopping spree. Be intentional of what you hold in and around you. Make sure what your eyes see reflect a beauty that you’re comfortable living with.


Happy new moon and solar return, Taurus. It’s quite literally a new year for you, why not turn over a new leaf. You are an earth sign and if you can push past your desire to be a strong force and let down your guard, you will be able to better admire your new growth.


This new moon could be a rude awakening for you. Rude being that it may be mildly unpleasant, however I do think that you’ll be able to see the value in being “woke.” In this context, wokeness is defined by your ability to recognize yourself as opposed to making excuses for who you are. This will encourage many of you to reflect on your personal narratives.


Happy new moon Cancer, it’s time to break outside of your shell. Admittedly, it is scary and difficult to let down your guard. That being said, the new moon is going to provide you with plenty of opportunities to enhance and expand your social circle. This month you are perceived as appealing and charming, embrace it!


Things are picking up for you and your career. Many of you have a clear understanding of who you are and what type of lifestyle you wish to live. This new moon is helping you develop opportunities that will help you sustain yourself and refine your perception of what “feels good.” Don’t shy away from what you believe you deserve, visualize the steps needed to make to earn your desires.


Sit down and learn how to articulate yourself, babe. It isn’t uncommon for us to hold our thoughts inside, recognizing that they sound better in our heads than outside of our mouths. Speaking up can be daunting, scary, and have come with consequences. This new moon is encouraging you to seek out experiences that better help you learn, be careful of falling for confirmation bias.


As the new moon covers the sun, you will find that there are many more emotional and intuitive truths for you to come to. Be glad for what you do know and the resources being allotted to you, it acts as a reminder that you are neither unwanted or alone in this world. Maintain an extended hand when you need it, reciprocity is the name of the game, Libra.


The new moon is causing a spring awakening in your world of relationships, which could result in a romantic relationship for many of you. Be open to breaking outside of your shell and letting your natural charm and intellect shine through. You’ll find that you are very desirable and quite sought out. Don’t rush into anything or let the haters get you down, move through life as you see fitting.


The new moon is giving you a reason to appreciate the progress that you’ve made. Many of you have plenty of new gains and projects that are worth celebrating. A willingness to expand your mind, develop the discipline to get through books, and creating a concrete schedule will all help you maintain the feeling of comfort.


Capricorn, this new moon is giving you plenty of reason not to overthink! Enjoy, indulge, pamper, and care for yourself during the new moon in Taurus. This is a time for you to water your creativity and reap the benefits of what blooms. Try exploring new methods of nurturing yourself and watch how it pays off for you tenfold.


May’s flowers are beginning to bloom, show a willingness to go outside and smell them, pick them, and adorn your home with them. This new moon is giving you plenty of reason to spring clean and decorate. You have been rather hard on yourself lately, taking on more responsibility and also feeling a heightened sense of maturity. Ease the weight by cozying up your home.


Your lips are tingling and preparing to open. Winter is always a difficult time for some to express themselves, even your mutability does not make you immune to the difficulties of connectivity. With the ice melted and the flowers blooming, the new moon brings you a sense of rebirth. This is a time for flower crowns, ethereal attire, and all that feels good.

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