Your Love & Sex Horoscopes: September 2021

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August 30, 2021

Virgo Season arrives, ushering in a time to clean house in our love lives or grow them further like a garden. September will give us the opportunity to invest our energy into our relationships by being of service to others and building for the long-term. Take a peek into what the stars have in store for you!

Love & Sex Prospects for ARIES


Welcome to a very important month for your relationships, Aries. In the weeks ahead, many planets will migrate across the sky from you, giving you an opportunity to grow closer with your S.O. or if single, find a lasting connection. Mental Mercury will be the first planet to make tracks in your partnership sector, as it will orbit here for the entire month and beyond. However, while most of the month should bring you opportunities for agreement and union, the closer you get to September 27th, you may be feeling that you and your lover are not communicating as clearly as you’d like. This is because of a Mercury Retrograde phase that will begin at that time and last throughout October. This will allow you to renegotiate where you stand as a team. Single Aries may actually hear from old partners or flames during that time, too! Sweet Venus will bring harmony to your commitments until the 10th, and then add more sensuality to your love life for the entire month to follow. Last to note will be the movement of your planetary ruler, Mars, into your union sector fromSeptember 14th until October 30th. This is a major opportunity to make long-term plans, spice up your sex life with your S.O., or else find someone just your type. Put yourself out there and let the stars work for you!


Love & Sex Prospects for TAURUS


The most important month of the year for love and passion has arrived for you, Taurus. With so much planetary energy focused within your sector of romance, you will have a tremendous opportunity to spice up your love life, find a soulmate connection, or grow closer with the partner at your side. Fiery Mars will add excitement here until the 14th as well as the Sun until the 22nd. A New Moon in this arena dawns onSeptember 6, sparkling like a jewel in the sky. In the days that follow it, single Tauruses must put themselves out there and will have a great chance at finding a magical chemistry that could become something truly special. If already committed and looking to have a child, don’t miss this auspicious lunation to get freaky! Your planetary ruler, sweet Venus, will add even more harmony to your relationships beginning September 10th, increasing a trend of commitment and union that will continue until nearly February 2022! Last to mention will be a Full Moon on September 20th, which highlights your social life and friends. You’ll likely attend a glamorous event near this time, circulate amongst many wonderful people, or even be able to meet someone special through your network. Online dating will also shimmer for single Tauruses near this time!


Love & Sex Prospects for GEMINI


Get ready for a month of sexy times and passion, Gemini! Your planetary ruler, Mercury, will be spending an exceptionally long time dancing within your sector of romance and fun. While he will remain awake and moving forward until September 27th, in October he will experience a retrograde and cause all sorts of confusion around your love life! As the planet of the mind and communication, Mercury shows that you’ll be quite chatty about where things stand in your current romance all month. If things are starting to slow down or get foggy, though, breathe through it and put extra effort into connecting with others clearly and articulately. Sweet Venus will add attraction and magnetism to your love life until September 10th, yet shortly thereafter, feisty Mars will energize this arena from the 14th until October 30th! With all this cosmic energy here, it shows that single Geminis are entering one of the best periods ever for finding a soulmate or dating around! If already coupled, plan more recreation, laughter, and relaxation with your partner—you’ll find your hearts ignite.


Love & Sex Prospects for CANCER


Shimmy on into September, Cancer. A newfound trend that supports your love life is just about to begin! With activeMars bringing his firepower to your sector of travel until September 14th, you may be planning exciting quick trips or vacations with friends, family, or your lover. If single, love could blossom by stepping out of your comfort zone and shaking it up at a nearby tourist destination or town. Plan your trip soon, though, because there will be a growing planetary trend entirely focused on sticking it out at home, relaxing in your living space, and canoodling on the couch! Next—and most excitingly to note, though—is the dance of sweet Venus into your sector of romance and passion beginning September 10th for the rest of the month. This is one of the most magical periods of the year for singleCancers to circulate and find new options. Put yourself out there and watch as new options sing to your heart. Cancers in existing unions can share in these happy vibes, too, by planning memorable dates with their S.O. or spending time with their kids.


Love & Sex Prospects for LEO


It’s time to spice up your routine and switch up the pace, Leo! Many planets in September will be telling you to pack your bags. Venus guarantees you’ll have a breathtaking time if you step out of town with your friends, family, or lover until the 10th. Consider visiting a nearby town, tourist destination, or even planning a sweet staycation at a local hotel or AirBNB! Fiery Mars will bring even more urge to hop on a plane or in a car once he visits this sector from September 14th until October 30th. However, some Leos could start to feel the urge to nestle up at home with sweet Venus bringing candlelight, soft music, and tasty meals to your home from the 10th onward. If dating, plan a romantic dinner for two or binge a new digital series. Last to mention will be the Full Moon in your intimacy sector that appears on September 20. You will be feeling extremely sensual near this time, as well as bringing to attention the current balance in your union. If things are out of alignment, you could do your best to talk it out or decide to go your separate ways.


Love & Sex Prospects for VIRGO


It’s birthday season, and you are the main event, Virgo! With the Sun in your zodiac sign until September 22nd, you are brighter than all others. This is a natural period of the year where you have more radiance and ability to move toward your greatest desires. The most important New Moon of the year arrives on September 6th, as it ignites your zodiac sign. This is an extremely auspicious period to put your heart, desires, and plans front and center. Also, with mighty Mars igniting you until September 14th, you have unmatched magnetism, charisma, and sex appeal. With so much energy invigorating you, it’s time to seize the day and dominate! Last to note this month will be a major Full Moon in your partnership sector that sparkles by nightfall on September 20th. A commitment could be on your mind, bringing you an opportunity for union or making long-term plans. An engagement or marriage maybe presented before you if you’re in alignment with your lover. However, if you aren’t on the same page, you could decide it’s time to go your separate ways.Know what you want and work to build the love story of your dreams.


Love & Sex Prospects for LIBRA


Dance on into September, Libra. This will be an especially important month across the board for you, but especially in regards to how you are communicating in your relationships. Mental Mercury will be orbiting within your zodiac sign—but day-by-day as you move through the month, he will begin to slow down until he officially stations retrograde on September 27th. This means that throughout October, you will feel yourself rather confused about where you stand. Keep your antennae up for what seems to be foggy as the weeks progress. However, speaking specifically in regards to relationships, you’ll still have so much planetary power within you to enjoy yourself! Your planetary ruler, Venus, will continue to orbit within you until September 10th. This is one of the sweetest times of the year for pleasure, romance, and beauty. Utilize her glow to improve your beauty and spend time opening your heart. It’s one of the most important times of the year for single Libras to circulate and set up dates with new options. Luckily, though, powerhouse Mars will turn a corner to ignite your zodiac sign fromSeptember 14th until October 30th. You will feel a surge of energy and sex appeal radiating through your spirit! In the weeks to come, take the lead in your love life and the pieces could very well fall into place.


Love & Sex Prospects for SCORPIO


The universe is making you crowned royalty in September, Scorpio. Prepare for a month that will sparkle with a sky full of stars. At the onset of the month, the Sun and New Moon will push you to embrace your exceptional popularity—especially after September 6th. You will hear from many friends and acquaintances near this time, as well as likely attend some fabulous social events. Mighty Mars will continue to energize this sector until September 14th, too—another celestial note showing that you’re ready to step out on the town and shake it up! Single Scorpios will have an excellent time with online dating this month, while committed Scorpios will be able to double date or go out with both their lover and pals. Next to note will be the arrival of sweet Venus into your zodiac sign from September 10th onward, gifting you with magnificent radiance and attraction! Now is the time to update your look, tryout a new hairstyle, or indulge in some TLC. Spend more time on your love life in the final weeks of the month—you’ll be grateful for your lucky stars! Last to mention will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your passion sector onSeptember 20, helping your heart to bloom. Some Scorpios could fall in love more deeply than ever before or cross paths with a soulmate.


Love & Sex Prospects for SAGITTARIUS


September begins an exciting trend focused on your social life, Sagittarius! Now and in the months to come, you’ll have a dazzling opportunity to spend time with friends, meet new people, or online date. Mercury, the planet of the mind and communication, will be spinning in this sector all month—but will station retrograde on September 27th. This means that while you could have some miscommunications with acquaintances in October, you may actually reconnect with old friends or flames! While Venus will also bring laughter and celebrations to you until September 10th, rest assured that Mars will energize this sector beginning September 14th until October 30th. As the invites and messages pour in, it’s time to utilize your network to improve your romantic life however you’d please.


Love & Sex Prospects for CAPRICORN


With many planets in a fellow Earth sign in September, you’ll find it’s easier for you to move forward and get whatever you please, Capricorn. With your sector of expansion especially highlighted, you may be considering switching up your routine. Some Capricorns will be given an opportunity to travel this month, especially after the New Moon on September 6th. The Full Moon on September 20th also could push you out of your comfort zone to shake things up, too! If you are traveling, whether single or attached, you are sure to have a dazzling time. Love will blossom out of town, rather than just canoodling at home. Most importantly to note inSeptember, though, will be the arrival of sweet Venus to your social sector beginning the 10th for the weeks to come. This bodes well for many festivities, celebrations, and parties ahead. You will have an opportunity to connect with your friends, so if dating, look for new options in your network or through online apps. If committed, you can bask in this glow, too, by circulating with your partner and hitting the town! Dress to impress!


Love & Sex Prospects for AQUARIUS


September continues a trend focused on intimacy for you, Aquarius. It is clear that you’ll be especially focused on the give-and-take in your most intimate relationship. Your sensual and sexual desires will be especially heated, so if you are in alignment with your partner, you’ll be enjoying your deepest union yet. However, if you are single or feeling frustration in your current union, you’ll likely become restless and agitated. Use the New Moon on September 6 to address the true desires and requirements of your heart. Last to note is that you still have the great blessings of Jupiter as he dances within your zodiac sign for the rest of the year. This will still give you an opportunity to open your heart, find peace, and pursue your greatest hopes and dreams. Create the life you wish to live, Aquarius. The power now lives within you.


Love & Sex Prospects for PISCES


Relationships will be your top priority in September, Pisces. With a New Moon in your partnership sector arriving onSeptember 6th, you have an opportunity to grow closer with your S.O. and make long-term plans. If you’ve been casually dating, you may now decide it is time to move in, get engaged, or even be wed. With Venus enhancing your sensual rapport until September 10th, it is guaranteed that you’re feeling the urge to merge. However, you may be deeply focused on discussing the give-and-take in your rapport—and with a Mercury Retrograde phase happening in this sector in October—communication will be a top priority. Single Pisceans can share in the beautiful energy of union this month, too, but they must be putting themselves out there while looking for suitors who hold serious potential and aren’t just looking for a fling. Last to mention will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your zodiac sign on September 20—putting you and your desires front-and-center. Step into your power and show the world what makes you so special.

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