Your Love & Sex Horoscopes: July 2021

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July 2, 2021

July blazes red-hot with passion and is one of the best months for dating, romance, and love in 2021. The stars are aligning for soulmate connections to intersect, while existing relationships could turn up the heat! Find out what awaits you by checking out your zodiac sign below.

Love & Sex Prospects for ARIES

Prepare for a surge of passion to ignite your heart this month, Aries. As your ruler, the fiery red planet, Mars, sizzles through your sector of true love until July 29, embracing your desires will be a top priority. In fact, this is one of the best times within two years for single Aries to find a soulmate connection or for committed couples to bring the sex and spice back into their rapport. Use this energy to take charge of your love life and bring rapture to your spirit.Sweet Venus pirouettes in this same sphere until the 21st, adding even more flirtation and attraction. A Full Moon on July 23 will fall within your social sector, likely encouraging you to attend a big event or spend sometime with your friends. Those who are single and ready to mingle must dust off their hottest outfit, circulate, and even try their hand at online dating. The stars are sparkling just for you, Aries!


Love & Sex Prospects for TAURUS

A magical period for your love life begins this month, Taurus. With Jupiter still dancing within your social sphere until July28, you’re wearing the crown of popularity. Be sure to be out and about if single or even ask out that dashing acquaintance you’ve always wanted to get to know a bit better. Online dating is especially auspicious for you during this time, and as much as you’d be surprised, you could even cross paths with a soulmate. Next to note will be the arrival of Venus and Mars into your sector of passion, lighting your heart on fire. Venus parades here beginning July 21, while Mars joins his cosmic lover starting July 29. This is a rare opportunity for single Tauruses to bring an electric connection into their life—and the bedroom! Be on the lookout for someone just your type! If already committed, you can bask in these beautiful energies, too. Spice up your intimate routine together, take your chance at new fun and games, or add more adventure to your calendars. July will surely be hot!


Love & Sex Prospects for GEMINI

The planets are drawing attention to the way you communicate with the world this month, Gemini. In recent months you experienced a retrograde of Mercury in your zodiac sign, which surely caused confusion about where you stand and what you want out of your connections. Happily, with our cosmic messenger now awake, you will be able to think clearly and communicate with others much more fluidly—especially until the 11th. Also, sweet Venus will be bringing the perfect words to seduce or hypnotize anyone you meet until the 21st. Write love poems, charm those who you desire, and watch as they melt into the palm of your hand! Fiery Mars charges this same sector all month until the 29th, likely bringing sexy thoughts to your mind and even possibly helping you to take the lead when it comes to pursuing connection with others. Another fancy way to use this energy is to take a quick day-trip to a nearby locale or enjoy a staycation. The slight change of pace will bring passion to your committed union or even possibly put you in the line-of-sight of someone just your type.


Love & Sex Prospects for CANCER

With the Sun dancing within your zodiac sign all month until the 22nd, all eyes are on you, Cancer!This is one of the most important times of the year to step center stage, shake it up, and show the world your magic. A New Moon in your zodiac sign will appear on July 9, opening a doorway to your most personal hopes and dreams. Decide how you’d like romance to play a part in your year ahead and be sure to actively pursue this in the week that follows the lunation. You’ll have a special glow, so many eyes could be drawn to you. Also, with Mercury entering your zodiac sign on the 11th to remain until the 27th, you will have the eloquent words to seduce anyone that you desire. Last to note this month will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your intimacy sector on the 23rd.You’ll be feeling the urge to merge, so if you have a partner, consider the balance in your relationship and how you can get erotic! Singles will have an opportunity to address their internal intimate needs and better connect with others going forward.


Love & Sex Prospects for LEO

July will be one of your favorite months of the year, Leo! This is because you have so much cosmic support behind you! Powerhouse Mars will bring you vibrant sex appeal and the dominance to create the love life of your dreams. Single Leos must take the lead to chase down potential suitors who light their heart and loins on fire. Magnetic Venus will remain in your zodiac sign until the 21st, bringing you tremendous radiance and beauty. This is one of the most auspicious periods of the year to update your wardrobe, take some hot new photos, or even try out anew hairstyle. The Sun will ignite your zodiac sign beginning the 22nd, officially ushering in birthday season! This is when you shine brightest and can turn relationship matters in your favor. No matter if you are single or attached, let the world hear your roar. Last to note this month will be the arrival of aFull Moon in your partnership sector on July 23. This lunation could bring a union into your spotlight—allowing you to grow closer by moving in, making promises, getting engaged, or even being wed. However, if you are not in alignment, you will likely shatter apart.


Love & Sex Prospects for VIRGO

July will bring popularity and fun to your life, Virgo, As the Sun sizzles in your social sector until the 22nd, you’ll be feeling the urge to step out your door and connect with your soul tribe. A New Moon in this sector appears on July 9, likely bringing invitations to sweet and romantic events or the opportunity to meet new people in your network. For single Virgos, this is one of the best periods to try your hand at online dating. Even if you’ve been discouraged before, the time could be here.Also, with benevolent Jupiter dancing across the sky in your relationship sector all month until July 29, you are in one of the luckiest periods of your life when it comes to commitments. Single Virgos could find a soulmate connection while those already together will make important promises to one another, possibly even getting engaged or married. Majestic Venus will enter your zodiac sign beginning on the 21st, attracting all eyes to you!In the weeks ahead, make pleasure a top priority. This is also a magnificent time to update your wardrobe or try a new hairstyle. Fiery Mars will begin a trek through your zodiac sign beginning the 29th, finally energizing you more than you’ve felt in nearly two years. Your sex drive and appeal will soar, so take the lead and you could find a healthier love life than any time in recent memory.


Love & Sex Prospects for LIBRA

The Universe is crowning you as cosmic royalty this month, Libra! With Venus and Mars visiting your social sector for most of the month—with the goddess remaining until the 21stand the king until the 29th—it is guaranteed that you are hearing from many friends and expanding your network. Surprisingly, this can also mean that you’re having tremendous success either dating through acquaintances or even online dating! Some Libras could be getting intimate with someone they’ve known for a while but waited to nuzzle up with, while others are being pursued by many potential options! The Sun will add further firepower to this same arena beginning on the 22nd, ensuring that life will feel bountiful, happy, and full. Yet, the most dazzling news of the month will be the arrival of a Full Moon in your passion and romance sector on the 23rd. You could be making a major decision around matters of the heart at this time, whether to stay or go. Many Libras could realize they’ve fallen in love, while others may instead realize that it’s time to find someone who fulfills them better. Fertility matters are also highlighted now, so if you’ve been trying for a child, you may finally hear news. No matter how you decide to progress at this time, know that the remainder of the year will shine even more brightly for your heart.


Love & Sex Prospects for SCORPIO

With Jupiter dancing in your romance sector for the full month, it is clear that your heart is in bloom,Scorpio. Single Scorpios will be feeling the urge to connect with a soulmate and with effort, the stars could truly align. Committed Scorpios may instead feel more pleasure, harmony, and magic within their connection at this time or even hear news of a pregnancy. Don’t let this tremendous energy go to waste! A New Moon on July 9 highlights your sector of travel and could even give you the impetus to step out of your comfort zone and set forth on an adventure. If you do, you’ll find your mind expanding! However, Venus and Mars have exciting news for you this month, too, as they will begin a dance within your social sector.Our goddess of love and beauty enters this sphere on the 21st, bringing more laughter and pleasure to your friendships and network. SingleScorpios will have a green light to start online dating or meet someone through their connections. Powerhouse Mars, your co-ruler, joins the parade beginning on the 29th, showing that you will be quite busy with parties, festivities, and celebrations in the weeks ahead. Singles should be ready to mingle, while committed couples could grow ever closer by spending time out and about. Open your heart, Scorpio, the cosmos smile on you!


Love & Sex Prospects for SAGITTARIUS

At the onset of July, the stars are spotlighting your intimate life, Sagittarius. Once the New Moon in this sector of sensuality appears on July 9, you’ll be feeling the urge to merge. Sagittarians that are already committed could address the balance in their relationship to see if they are getting everything they need—emotionally, financially, and intellectually. Also, with Venus, Mars, and later the Sun bringing energy to your expansion sector, you may feel the need to travel or head out of town on a vacation. This would bring magical experiences to you, helping you to learn more about the world and meet fascinating people. If committed, don’t miss this chance to make many valuable memories and try new things. However, single Sagittarians could use the energy this month a bit differently, too, possibly by dating out of their “established type” and meeting people who are exotic, different, and unique. This new rapport would enliven your heart ever so deeply.


Love & Sex Prospects CAPRICORN

Relationships are a top priority for you in July, Capricorn. The cosmos above are aligning to connect you with your perfect match! At the onset of the month, the Sun will be shining a light on your most important connection, likely in love or commitment. A New Moon onJuly 9 will give you the chance to assess your plans together and smooth out any disharmony between you. Happily, you may feel the desire to grow closer than ever before, perhaps by moving in, getting a pet together, becoming engaged, or even deciding to tie the knot! Also, with Mars heating up your intimacy sector, your desire for closeness will be at an all-time high throughout the entire month. Use this firepower to spice up your sex life and go deeper together. Single Capricorns can use the cosmic vortex of July to truly assess their wants and needs in a relationship and set forth to find someone who is a solid candidate for commitment rather than someone who isn’t on the same page as you.



Love & Sex Prospects for AQUARIUS

The stars are dancing across the sky for you this month, Aquarius. This will turn a great deal of your attention to relationships, intimacy, and passion. Sweet Venus will bring harmony to all of your connections as she pirouettes in your partnership sector until the 21st. Committed Aquarians can find more alignment with their significant other, while singles will have a higher chance of attracting someone who desires to stand by your side. Yet, fiery Mars will also be energizing this same sphere, bringing intensity to your unions. If there have been any conflicts beneath the radar, they could be boiling over now. However, the better way to use this fuel is to bring electricity to your sex life together and make long-term plans as a team. Set goals and smash them and you’ll feel closer than ever before! A Full Moon in your zodiac sign will also appear this month on July 23. This could bring a turning point, awakening, or ending to your path—especially in regards to a goal or relationship. You’ll be thrust into the spotlight, so step into your power now and don’t settle for less than you deserve.


Love & Sex Prospects for PISCES

July will highlight your heart’s desires, Pisces. It could also be one of the most magical months for your love life in years! At the onset of the month, the Sun will be igniting your passionate love sector, putting you in the mood for sugar and spice. A New Moon in this same sphere appears on July 9, opening a doorway for you to bring more sweetness and magic to your romantic life. This is the most important lunation of the year for single Pisces to put themselves out there or for committed ones to bring the lightning back into their connection. If you’re eager to have a child, this lunation could also bring the luck on your side. Jupiter, Venus, and Mars are also doing wonders for you in July, too! Benevolent Jupiter continues to dance in your zodiac sign all month, making you a luck magnet. Some Pisceans could see their heart’s true hopes and wishes presented to them now, but it is up to you to take action and seize the day. Venus will arrive to your partnership zone beginning on the 21st, bringing harmony to all of your connections. Mars joins beginning on the 29th, showing that in the weeks to come, you’ll be ready to dance with a twin flame.

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