Taya Jefferson, AKA Trinirican Bruja, Talks Intution, Tarot as a Tool for Finding Love, and Her Dream Tarot Reading: Her Younger Self

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May 2, 2021

Delving headfirst into the world of crystals and oracle decks back in 2018 sparked a spiritual awakening for Taya Jefferson, the magical maven behind the Trinirican Bruja brand. The 29-year-old quickly stepped into her badass "bruja"––Spanish for "witch"––power and launched a career as a trailblazing spiritual entrepreneur. Jefferson's Trinirican Bruja online shop offers crystals, handmade beauty products, oils, and online intuitive readings. You can also catch her on Hey Hero, the only place she gives same-day readings!

We talked to her about why she loves the flexibility Hey Hero offers clients, the best of advice she's ever received, and why her dream Tarot reading is... herself.

Hey Hero: We’re going to ask you to go back in time. The first time you heard the word Tarot was…

Taya Jefferson: A very long time ago, maybe before the age of 5 when my cousin brought a deck over to my house.

HH: When did you first know you wanted to make Tarot a career? Was there a moment when things just clicked for you?

TJ: I never intended for it to be a career to be honest. I just felt very drawn to buying a deck in 2018, I really cannot even remember why I bought the deck. It turned into a career unexpectedly, mainly when the pandemic hit.

HH: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve received along the way?

TJ: Never second guess your intuition.

HH: What’s your advice to someone trying to make a name for themselves in the world of Tarot?

TJ: Rely on your own instincts and your spirit guides. Try not to lean too much on research or even the guidebook at first. Create your own story with the cards.

HH: Obviously, we're big fans of you at Hey Hero. But we'd love to hear from you, in your own words, how would you describe your overall philosophy when it comes to carving out an authentic space for yourself in the world of Tarot?

TJ: Tarot is a way to connect to your higher self, inner voice and your guides. It's a great tool but should never be relied on. Once you connect though with your cards and your own spirituality you will see how easy it flows for you, even when you doubt your own abilities.

HH: If you could perform a Tarot reading on anyone, alive or dead, real or fictional, who would it be?

TJ: My younger self.

HH: Wow, that's a great answer. You're the first person to give that answer. Why do you say that? 

TJ: To see what or what didn't come into fruition and to have had a guide a little for my path in life.

HH: So many Hey Hero users are eager to learn more about unlocking their love life. Why is Tarot a good avenue to better understand how to tap into your full potential and find your ideal partner?

TJ: I believe that tarot can be a very good piece to the puzzle. With tarot the answers and guidance are usually coming from our higher self, or our higher power. So these answers and messages are already within us. I just feel that tarot gives people that boost, kind of like a reminder to not second guess ourselves, because from my experience for most of the love readings I’ve done the majority of people I’ve worked with already knew deep down what needed to be done. However, some people can get caught up in tarot and become too reliant on it, especially when it comes to love, so you want to be mindful of that.

HH: What’s the biggest misconception out there about Tarot?

TJ: That tarot tells you your future. It can, but we also have free will and can change how things unfold. Tarot should also not be something that people rely on for answers. It's a great tool, but should be used in moderation.

HH: And of course, we have to ask, what do you enjoy most about answering questions on Hey Hero?

TJ: I love being able to get readings to people faster. I've had a few people want same-day readings, which I don't offer on my own site, but on Hey hero I'm able to do so.

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