Ocean's Celestial Forecast: August 2021

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September 7, 2021

Our sensitivity may take a backseat this month with very few water placements in the sky. There’s an emphasis on grounding, getting more focused, and ending the summer on a high note within your career and self-growth! Get ready for surges of productivity and a desire for stability in places that have felt uncertain. Also look out for a need to establish clarity in relationships and time to address your comfort zones. We can harness the energy of August to challenge ourselves professionally, confront what’s no longer working, and squeeze those final droplets of effervescence from Leo season before the Sun steps into Virgo on the 25th. 

Check out the highlights of August's planetary movement: 

August 8: New Moon in Leo

Reflect on where you can take up more space in your life. Do you have a healthy relationship with Ego? Are you feeling yourself or hiding in the shadows? This New Moon is a reminder that you have permission to show up exactly how you want.

August 11: Mercury enters Virgo

Our style of thought and communication becomes more meticulous, and you may even feel a desire to start eating healthier or subscribe to a custom vitamin service! Pro tip: don’t get hung up on the little things. The low road of having Mercury in Virgo is feeling easily distracted and deflated by setbacks and imperfection.  The high road is remaining aware of what is and isn’t worth your time and energy… invest accordingly!

August 16: Venus enters Libra

The planet of how and what we love, moves into her favorite spot… romantic, stylish, effervescent Libra! Cuffing season starts early as we feel a pull to “find our person” or reignite the romance in existing partnerships. If you’re rocking it solo, take yourself out on a date. Buy that splurge item sitting in your online cart. Redecorate your bedroom, shuffle the furniture around for a fresh vibe, and grab some flowers from the farmers’ market. “Find beauty everywhere and in all things,” says Venus in Libra. 

August 19: Uranus goes retrograde in Taurus

The planet of rebellion and futurism takes a reflective look backwards in stubborn Taurus until January 18, 2022. This is already a contrarian pair; Taurus doesn’t want to rock the boat, but Uranus exists to challenge the status quo. We’ll collectively notice outdated systems challenged, on a political, global, and interpersonal scale. What habits or modes of operating are no longer serving you? Where can you welcome a much-needed change of pace to your routines? Retrograde is just an opportunity for reflection, and Uranus isn’t leaving Taurus without throwing a cosmic wrench in whatever is energetically past-due.

August 22: Full Moon in Aquarius

Permission to do you, and only you! While Aquarius encourages healthy detachment from ego, this time around we also have permission to have fun with it (as opposed to the Full Moon in Aquarius in July that felt heavier). Last month was all about radical self-liberation under the Full Moon. Now, our attention pivots to finding the JOY in our newfound freedom from old beliefs and baggage. What are you doing today that marks the new you?

August 22: Sun enters Virgo

You know that feeling when you get back from vacation and your inbox has piled up? That’s what Virgo szn feels like. Wherever you’ve been slacking or need more follow through, Virgo is here to save the day. Lists, lists, lists! Don’t let anything fall to the wayside. The month ahead asks you to live your very best wellness life, stay on top of key details, and make sure you’re not saying ‘yes’ to more than you can handle.

August 30: Mercury enters Libra

Love on the brain, anyone? Are you watching the clock as if to push it faster into the weekend so you can go on a creative date or devise a local meet-cute? You’re not the only one! We’re more attuned to our heart strings and keeping the peace. This is a great time to work out any crinkles in your relationships. The general communication style is now erring on the side of softness, love, and dare I say… people-pleasing? Don’t let a fear of conflict railroad you out of important decisions, either.

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