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May 2, 2021

Starting in 2008, when New York City-native Mecca Woods, 43, began giving astrological readings to friends and family, it was merely a fun hobby and something to do outside of her day job in social services.

But it quickly became clear that it was more than just a hobby.

“Once I started using astrology for myself and my own growth and development I became obsessed with it,” Woods, who began studying astrology when she encountered her own “professional and romantic crossroads,” said. “Everyone around me and I quickly saw that I had a talent for it. I also found that it really overlapped with my desire to help people and impact the world around me in a positive way.”

She hasn’t looked back since, becoming a published author, widely read columnist and writer, podcast host, successful entrepreneur, and Hey Hero astrology and spiritual expert.

We spoke to Mecca by phone about why she loves giving romantic advice, how the pandemic is impacting people she engages with for readings, and what creative outlet is keeping her busy. 

Hey Hero: You offer a broad range of services, including full readings and coaching. What is it about the format of “mini readings” on Hey Hero that appeals to you? 

Mecca Woods: I like being able to give short answers and being very targeted in terms of answering questions and honing in on exactly what people are asking. It also gives people some idea of my work without having to do a full reading. I think that’s really cool.

HH: What’s the value for users asking you their questions on the platform? 

MW: In my experience, it helps with accessibility and availability. For the longer fuller readings I do, I’m currently booked until the end of march. This is such a great way for people to get shorter readings, get their timely answers and get specific questions answered without having to wait a long time for it.  

HH: What do you enjoy most about this type of one-on-one engagement? 

MW: Helping people is the big thing. Being able to give valuable information they can use is really rewarding. One of the things that I talk to my colleagues and peers about is, with the boom of astrology out there, there’s a lot of bad information and people who are not really astrologers giving bad readings. Hey Hero is actually having professional astrologers on the platform providing good information. For me, I enjoy being able to give legitimate information and teach about astrology at the same time. 

HH: What types of questions do you like answering? 

MW: I just love being able to help when someone comes to me about their love life. When they’re feeling frustrated or maybe think they won’t be able to find love, I love being able to give them something to look forward to, validating them and making sure they know they can actually find love and this is how you can do it. 

HH: What would you say to anyone new to astrology that might be cautious or even skeptical? 

MW: I think it’s cool to be a little skeptical. That’s totally fine. If you are, you should learn about astrology. You should get a reading. You should do a little research before writing it off.

HH: Has this pandemic changed the way you view your role as a professional astrologer? Has it changed the types of questions you’ve been getting?  

MW: My role hasn’t changed and the types of questions haven’t changed. What the pandemic has done is it’s highlighted the need for people to be really intentional with their time and energy. For example, if someone is in an unfulfilling career or relationship, living through this pandemic has made it necessary for people to change situations like that. With many questions I get, I’m validating that need for change and helping people see that putting that need for change into hyperspeed is sometimes necessary.

HH: Outside of astrology, what does your personal life look like? What do you like to do for fun? 

MW: I’m a mom. My daughter is going to be 21 in a few months. So there’s that. But lately it’s been a lot of trying to rekindle some of the hobbies I used to have as a kid. I just bought a big art set and I’ve been painting on canvas. I’m trying to reconnect to my little kid inner-creative. 

HH: That sounds awfully fun. 

MW: It really is! 

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